Sunday, July 19, 2009


In1968 there was an earthquake in the San Francisco Bay area. This quake was lead by 3 men in front of Marshall Amps( really big ones). They gave birth( in my opinion) to Heavy Metal music.
They took the name for their band from a form of LSD. They were more the symbols of the Hell's Angels than they were a part of the Haight Love scene. They probably were not liked by their fellow hippie musicians around the bay, but they really did not give a damn. They were extremely loud and raw and played with high intensity attitude.They still perform today.
You either love them or you absolutely hate them but you got to give credit for their efforts.
Forget Peace and Love my friends! This is BLUE CHEER
Blue Cheer's high energy debut, Vincebus Eruptum, made their position clear. They may have hailed from San Francisco and named themselves after one of Owsley's lesser known LSD appellations, but rather than embracing The Summer Of Love, they signaled its death knell. Hitting a dizzy Number 11 spot in the Billboard charts and represented by their thundering version of Eddie Cochran's Summertime Blues. San Francisco would never be the same.

Leigh Stephens - Guitar
Dickie Peterson - Bass
Paul Whaley - Drums


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