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A kind of unusual posting with this one. If you have been looking at the posts recently we have gone from Day Blindness who morphed into Fox. The drummer from DB went on to play with Gold who also had a vocalist named Robin Sinclair, Robin had been with the Mother Bear before joining Gold
Robin joined Gold after making a duo Lp with Roger Salloom
Not to my liking per say but interesting and a piece of SF musical history

Anyway here is some Salloom Sinclair.....

Salloom, Sinclair & the Mother Bear were a late-’60s psychedelic band with an energetic but clumsy mixture of blues-rock, Bob Dylan-ish folk-rock lyrics, and some generic San Francisco psychedelic-style heavy rock.

Their vocals were handled by principal singer-songwriter Roger Salloom and the more distinctive, often keeningly high tones of Robin Sinclair, whose style was at times reminiscent of that of Janis Joplin, though sometimes she went into an astronomically high range.Their sole, self-titled album was produced by Marshall Chess on the Chess subsidiary Cadet Concept. The album can be seen as a “concept album”, mainly because of the narrative element and the talking during and in between the songs.

Slightly later, Salloom and Sinclair, as the hyphenated duo Salloom-Sinclair, released an album on Cadet Concept in 1969 produced by esteemed Nashville session man Charlie McCoy. 

Salloom, Sinclair & the Mother Bear

Be Born Again
Conversations With Gentility
She Kicked Me Out Of The House After This One
Florida Blues
Sitting On A Finger
Marie La Peau 

Salloom and Sinclair

Lesson At The Delicatessen
One More Try
I'm Comin' Home Again
Violence, Blam Blam, I'm Sorry
Faith Has Been Given
Let's Be Right

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"Mission Rock was recorded live in San Francisco 1971 (excellent studio soundquality) -- music ranges in the early Quicksilver/Santana/Big Brother & The Holding Company style -- (68 mins) unreleased material! Gold in 1971 was one of the hottest bands in S.F. still without an LP. Bill Graham was booking the band to open shows for Ten Years After, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Mike Bloomfield....., with the hope and the support for an LP release. Now finally after 32 years here is the album Graham would have liked to hear. Country Joe McDonald took a personal interest in the band and worked with them on a number of projects, on this CD he wrote 2 of the 13 songs, which he had never performed with Country Joe & the Fish. The very telented guitarists Ed Scott/ Joe Bajza remind often to 'John Cipollina' founded Gold in 1967/68. Gold vocalist on Mission Rock Robin Sinclair was of the same cut of female singer of the time in the style of a 'Janis Joplin' -- an experienced professional who had recorded two LP's on Cadet Concept/Chess as part of a group called Saloom -- Sinclair and the Mother Bear. The music itself is very powerful in rhythm section with congas, two acid jamming guitars and vocals a la Janis 

Ed Scott - Rhythm guitar
Joe Bajza - lead guitar
Roy Garcia - drums
Chico Moncada - bass
Sebastian Nicholson - congas
Robin Sinclair - vocals
Ron Cabral - percussion

Track List: 

1.All Right 
2.Livin' High 
3.Can't Get Enough 
4.40 Days Blues 
5.Piece of Your Action 
6.Filet of Soul 
7.You Can't Judge a Book 
8.Good Old Wagon 
9.Frisco Kid 
10.Good Things Coming 
12.Home Cookin' Woman 
13.Summer Dresses 

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Benjamin Hirsch, the founder of Turtle Wax, wanted to be a chemist, but had to drop out of college during the Great Depression. Instead, he became a magician, supporting his family with his silks and wand. But he never lost his interest in chemistry nor his fascination with cars. In the late 1930s he developed a car wax and mixed up batches at night in the bathtub. His wife, Marie, filled the bottles by hand. During the day, Hirsch traveled by street car to gas stations around Chicago, selling the wax he named Plastone. In 1941, he invested $500 and opened the Plastone Co., which operated out of a series of storefronts.

To promote his wax, Hirsch would go into a parking lot and shine one fender of each car. He then waited for the owners to arrive and hope to convince them to buy his wax to finish the job. Plastone was a couple of years old when, according to company lore, Hirsch made a sales call in Turtle Creek, Wisconsin. The name of the town clicked in his mind with the hard shell of a turtle and the protection his wax offered. Thus was born a new name for the company and for the wax, Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell.

Yes I know they are tortoises. Tortoise, Terrapin, Turtle whatever !
Now here's a lesson on the North american turtle family.


Fox-San Francisco Session[69-70] 

1.Susie S. Kalator
2.Sun City
3.I Can't Take It
4.Keep On Livin' This Way
5.I Was Alone
7.Parchment Farm (bonus)
8.Baby,Please Don't Do (bonus)

Gary Pihl–guitars,vocal
Johnny Vernazza-bass
Roy Garcia-drums

An unreleased album from this post-Day Blindness band,recorded in 1969/70.This album is a heavy bluesy psychedelic masterpiece of the highest order.It is virtually the second Day Blindness album with slight personnel changes,but musically in a more heavy psychedelic direction.The lead guitarist Gary Pihl is well known today for being the guitar player of Boston.Here he plays an amazing psychedelic guitar and it reminds us in parts of the mighty Mariani's Perpetuum Mobile album.Superb bass guitar by Johnny V. Vernazza and crazy drums by Roy Garcia,who later went to play with the legendary band Gold 

Only one 45 single was ever released of those fantastic sessions on Studio 10 and the single is mega rare these days.Added features 2 long (17 minutes!!!) bonus tracks." 

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Well it seems that my decision to review my blog site and it's content has been made for me by Blogger itself. So... thanks for all the feedback and life will continue as normal here. I do appreciate the support comments and I have to at least say if the subject is important it does bring out the feedback, Thanks to the reader who tipped me off about the change in mind at Blogger. As I had said before I do not per say practice sexually explicit material but an occasional nude will be part of my graphic input  every once in a while     Let the music continue!



Day Blindness came together in 1968 from a pair of competing bands at Jefferson High School in California's San Mateo county. One of the bands was a trio led by guitarist Gary Pihl -- from nearby Santa Clara High -- and included Felix Bria on keyboards and Dave Neuman on drums. This unit ran across one of its rivals, the Dimensions, at a county battle-of-the-bands competition at which both were short-listed. the Dimensions were made up of the Tabucci brothers, Mark and Charles, on saxophones; lead guitarist Ken Starr (younger brother of a Ventures member); Roy Garcia behind the drums; John Vernaza on rhythm guitar; and bass player Ramos Ramirez. So impressed were Pihl and Bria by Garcia's drumming abilities upon seeing the band play that they soon asked him to replace Neuman. The resulting trio officially became Day Blindness in the summer of 1968.

Over the next year, Day Blindness played gigs at many of the most notable venues throughout the Bay Area, even landing an opening slot for Sly & the Family Stone, both locally and on tour. By 1969, Mark Tabucci, who had also become a behind-the-scenes supporter of the band during the Dimensions swap, began to construct a small studio at 10 Claude Lane, funded by local backers and sponsors, in anticipation of the recording of an album. Once Studio 10 was ready, Day Blindness, with new skinsman Dave Mitchell in Garcia's old spot, set about working on that debut record. During the sessions, both Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin stopped by to submit a variety tips, including song titles and artwork. Soon thereafter, Day Blindness was released, though to little fanfare.

The band started to come apart almost immediately after the album's release. Producer and engineer Tom Press used some of his proceeds from the album to buy a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and disappear into the '70s. Tabucci became an automobile repairman for the Jefferson Airplane. Drummer Mitchell went on to produce and engineer for other acts, including Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Pihl later turned up in platinum-selling rock band Boston, then went on to play with Sammy Hagar in the 1990s. Day Blindness, not a big seller upon its release, took on a life of its own in collector's circles, including the circulation of a pirated bootleg CD in the late '90s.

"Day Blindness" track listing:
1.) Still Life Girl - 6:22
2.) Jazz Song - 2:18
3.) Middle Class Lament - 3:38
4.) I Got No Money - 4:28
5.) House and a Dog - 1:58
6.) Live Deep - 2:45
7.) Young Girl Blues - 4:20
8.) Holy Land - 12:30

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01 the streets of your town - country joe & the fish
02 south street - orlons
03 no 10 downing street - troggs
04 love street - doors
05 mason street - fireballs
06 hollywood blvd - neil merriweather
07 sunny goodge street - donovan
08 42nd st - beau brummels
09 electric avenue - eddy grant
10 down street - arthur lee
11 shakedown street - grateful dead
12 madeline street - jefferson airplane
13 positively 4th street - bob dylan
14 53rd & 3rd - ramones
15 2120 south michigan ave - rolling stone
16 retribution drive - greg lake
17 riot on sunset strip - standells
18 bleeker street - simon & garfunkel
19 the 59th street bridge song - harper's bixarre
20 park avenue blues - wind in the willows
21 baker street - gerry rafferty
22 pleasant street - tim buckley
23 on braodway - neil young
24 penny lane - beatles