Sunday, March 29, 2015


01  bongo beat - dirty dozen brass band
02  albinoni's adagio in g minor - doors
03  gray prison blues - lovin' spoonful
04  eldorado - electric light orchestra
05  the riddler - robin & the batmen
06  accidental meditation - blues magoos
07  chuckwalk - chuck berry
08  stinkey - bo diddley
09  the bells - flock
10  football boogie - jokers
11  come in number 51 ( your time is up) -pink floyd
12  yesterday's papers - rolling stones
13  aurora - neil young - squires
14  below the belt - amboy dukes
15  captain soul - byrds
16  taurus - shadows of knight
17  interlude - matthew fisher
18  peter gunn theme - remo four
19  aladdin story - rolling stones
20  rumble - link wray
21  embryonic journey - jefferson airplane
22  orbit the spy - paul revere & the raiders
23  beep beep - the hesitations
24  son of mister green genes - mothers of invention

Saturday, March 28, 2015


I was listening to CSN&Y and just happened to think about what group of females could match the talents of the boys of CSN &Y. Obviously these gals would have no problems in filling that role of CHL&R  They are the finest of their genre

R.I.P. Nicolette Larson


i believe in you
journey through the past
most likely you go your way ( i'll go mine)
bird on the wire
only you know and i know
seven bridges road


wrecking ball
long may you run
i'll be your san antone rose
luxury liner
easy from now on


lotta love
comes a time
rhumba girl
mexican divorce
rio de janeiro blue
still you linger on


love is a rose
different drum
crazy arms
blue bayou
i'll be you're baby tonight

Monday, March 23, 2015


Stephen Stills - Wooden Music Compilation

01 How Have You Been (Winterland 1969-11-13) 3:51 
02 Bluebird (Fillmore East 1970-06-30) 3:15 
03 As I Come Of Age (w/CSN - Fillmore East 1970-06-06) 3:30 
04 Move Around (w/Manassas - Amsterdam 1972-03-22) 5:11 
05 Thoroughfare Gap (bluegrass version w/Manassas) Down The Road outtake 2:14 
06 Know You Got To Run (ABC's "In Concert" 1973-02-21) 5:51 
07 4 + 20 (harmony version w/CSN - Seattle 1974-07-09) 3:17 
08 See The Changes (w/CSN - Lakeland, FL 1977-11-19) 3:58 
09 One Moment At A Time (Berkeley 1978-09-04) 5:17 
10 In The Way (Afternoon Exchange - Cleveland 1980-08-18) 3:46 
11 Everybody's Talkin' (Davis, CA 1985-05-21) 4:21 
12 Haven't We Lost Enough (w/CSN - Rockline 1990-09-13) 4:04 
13 Helplessly Hoping (w/CSN - Rockline 1990-09-13) 2:47 
14 It Won't Go Away (London 1992-10-08) 5:37 
15 Dolphins (Jim Ladd's living room 2001-07-26) 4:22 
16 Man Of Constant Sorrow (Switzerland County, IN 2001-11-15) 3:00 
17 The Heart's Gate (Rapid City, SD 2003-04-03) 3:52 
18 Acadienne (Gainesville 2003-10-23) 3:15 
19 Daylight Again/Find The Cost Of Freedom (complete version w/Manassas - BBC 1970-11-16) 7:01 


01 How Have You Been (Winterland 1969-11-13) 3:51 

This is the only known performance of one of the rarest released CSN songs. It's a solo performance by Stills. According to the Euro author?s book, Crosby strained his voice at a rally that day and they had to make some quick setlist changes. 

02 Bluebird (Fillmore East 1970-06-30) 3:15 

Dylan was in the audience and Stills had been drinking and was showing off for Bob. According to Zimmer's CSN biography, Stills went out to do one acoustic song and he did four.As the applause dies on Bluebird, Stills says, "I haven't done that ever that way in front of people". These words were for the benefit of Dylan. 

03 As I Come Of Age (w/CSN - Fillmore East 1970-06-06) 3:30 

Performed in shows in 1970, 1974 and 1978, one performance in 1977 and also a TV performance in 1991. Released on the CBS album "Stills" in 1975. This is NOT the official version, which tracks at 2:36

04 Move Around (w/Manassas - Amsterdam 1972-03-22) 5:11

The first Manassas concert at Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and the first performance of the song. It was played only 4 or 5 times. 

05 Thoroughfare Gap (bluegrass version w/Manassas) Down The Road outtake 2:14 

The song was re-recorded and released as a title cut 6 years later. 

06 Know You Got To Run (ABC's "In Concert" 1973-02-21) 5:51 

"This is a banjo, that is a beer", An infamous quote broadcast on national television. A Manassas show at Bananafish Gardens, NY. 
The airdate was March 30, 1973. 

07 4 + 20 (harmony version w/CSN - Seattle 1974-07-09) 3:17

The opener for the CSNY '74 tour in Seattle. This was the first performance of 4+20 as CSN intended for the song to be released on Deja Vu. Someone at Atlantic, probably Ahmet, stepped in and decided to release it as a solo song. 

08 See The Changes (w/CSN - Lakeland, FL 1977-11-19) 3:58 

I think that ?See The Changes? is as good, or even better, harmony song than Helplessly Hoping. Performed only in 1977 and 1982. 

09 One Moment At A Time (Berkeley 1978-09-04) 5:17 

Bread and Roses concert. An unreleased Stills original song. AKA "When Love Becomes A Trial". The only performance of this song. 

10 In The Way (Afternoon Exchange - Cleveland 1980-08-18) 3:46 

A performance on a local TV station in Cleveland before a Stills Band show that night. The only performance of this song. 

11 Everybody's Talkin' (Davis, CA 1985-05-21) 4:21 
 ("sing it twice") Stills does a little tribute to Freddie Neil in the middle of the song. 

12 Haven't We Lost Enough (w/CSN - Rockline 1990-09-13) 4:04

The first and only performance of the song, "not even in the studio", by CSN. They recorded their parts separately for the released version. Stills did the song solo, one time, in a TV appearance on November 30, 1990. 

13 Helplessly Hoping (w/CSN - Rockline 1990-09-13) 2:47 

("her helicopter hovers nearby") A little twist on a CSN standard. Stills first used the line in stage banter at Woodstock. 

14 It Won't Go Away (London 1992-10-08) 5:37

A rarely performed song and this was two years before it's release. 

15 Dolphins (Jim Ladd's living room 2001-07-26) 4:22 

A Fred Neil song done in tribute, Freddie died the week before. CSN performed the song, only once, in the tour opener that year in Clarkston, MI on August 13. 

16 Man Of Constant Sorrow (Switzerland County, IN 2001-11-15) 3:00 

A folk/blues standard popularized in the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" Dylan did the song on his debut LP in 1962. 

17 The Heart's Gate (Rapid City, SD 2003-04-03) 3:52

An unreleased (to this date) Stills original and it's beautiful, played in the Hawaiian slack key style. 

18 Acadienne (Gainesville 2003-10-23) 3:15 

An unreleased (to this date) Stills original. Stills has been performing the song in a Cajun flavored band arrangement for several years. This is the first solo performance of the song that I've heard and it works!! 

19 Daylight Again/Find The Cost Of Freedom (complete version w/Manassas - BBC 1970-11-16) 7:01

DA/FTCOF performed in it's complete arrangement, a seven minute suite. Stills performed this version several times, each time with different lyrics. Stills comments about the song from the box set booklet: 
"Daylight Again was actually a precursor to "Find The Cost Of Freedom", but for years all I had was the tune and the first line..... I was in Williamsburg, VA, drunk and burnt out and dead tired. At the end of the concert I began to play the song. I didn't have any words, but I continued to play. I closed my eyes and went into a trance and saw a movie. It was a talking dream where I went back 112 years, to the Civil War. The lyrics just flowed through me like an automatic poem. I sang them as they came into my head and a whole story unfolded. When the concert was over I rushed backstage and madly tried to reconstruct the lyrics. It's a war song, not just a Civil War song. 

TT 78:36 

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Kantner Balin Casady Band

Pittsburgh (Oakland), PA
1st gen excellent soundboard


01 - Mariel
02 - When Love Comes
03 - Wrecking Crew
04 - It's Not You, It's Not Me
05 - Crossfire
06 - Ride The Tiger
07 - Hold Me
08 - Planes
09 - Today
10 - Dancing With The House On Fire
11 - Plastic Fantastic Lover
12 - America
13 - Volunteers Of America
14 - applause and tuning
15 - Dream Motorcycle.flac
16 - The Girl With The Hungry Eyes
17 - Mysterious Eyes
18 - 100 Million
19 - It's No Secret
20 - applause and false end of show
21 - Hide My Heart
22 - Solidarity
23 - Midnight Hour

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


The crimes of Richard Nixon got me thinking about crime in general. Here's a few  about the subject. It covers misdemeanors as jaywalking and parking violations, up to the felony crimes of rape and murder with a few robberies thrown in for good (or should I say) bad measure!

01  cops and robbers - wayne fontana & the mindbenders
02  i fought the law - bobby fuller four
03  bang bang - cher
04  i shot the sheriff - bob marley
05  ballad of bonnie and clyde - georgie fame
06  killer on the rampage - eddy grant
07  midnight rambler - rolling stones
08  dupree's diamond blues - grateful dead
09  robbery, assault and battery - genesis
10  robbery - barry melton
11  jailbreak - thin lizzy
12  one piece at a time - johnny cash
13  lily, rosemary and the jack of diamonds - bob dylan
14  lovely rita - beatles
15  anarchy means i litter - atom & his package
16  smuggler's blues - glenn frye
17  murder in my heart for the judge - moby grape
18  jaywalking - goliath & the giants
19  glendale train - new riders of the purple sage
20  take the money and run - steve miller band
21  bank robber - clash
22  maxwell's silver hammer - beatles
23  stealin' - uriah heap
24  gimme shelter - rolling stones

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


In 1968, a record producer named Alan Lorber started hyping “the Bosstown Sound” as a marketing concept. Other American cities had their influential scenes — Detroit, Memphis, San Francisco — so why not Boston? The Bosstown Sound is remembered today as a bad hype gone wrong, but the reality is, as reality tends to be, more subtle.
Lorber had signed a group of artists to MGM Records, and he believed Boston was a fertile place to launch their careers because of its heavy concentration of college students. But he ran into trouble after MGM took out trade-paper ads hyping the Bosstown Sound and its first three acts, Orpheus, Ultimate Spinach, and Beacon Street Union. Prominent rock critics promptly accused MGM, Lorber, and their bands of being commercial sellouts. A year or two later, when MGM set about to purge its roster of “drug-oriented” acts, the Bosstown acts were the first to go, although their lack of sales helped usher them out the door.
Lost in the controversy was the music and the bands themselves, some of which found an audience and left a mark. Orpheus opened for a number of top acts during its brief lifespan, including Janis Joplin and  Cream. Beacon Street Union, despite being produced by Partridge Family auteur Wes Ferrell, had chops enough to back Chuck Berry in their early days, and eventually went fully psychedelic. Ultimate Spinach, famed for its use of the theremin, counted among its members  Jeff Baxter, later to play with the Doobie Brothers and  Steely Dan. Earth Opera was fronted by bluegrass mavens Peter Rowan and  David Grisman. In years that followed, many Boston-area artists cited the Bosstown bands of the late ’60s as influences.

The most successful bit of the Bosstown Sound was probably “Can’t Find the Time” by Orpheus, a lovely sunshine-pop song that charted briefly in the fall of 1969. If you don’t know it, get acquainted.


behold and see( guildedlight of the cosmos)
mind flowers
where your at
don't cry for me
just like romeo and juliet


home to you
the great american eagle tragedy
it's love
home of the brave
the child bride
the red sox are winning


can't find the time
congress alley
door knob song
mine's yours
never in my life
the dream


like people
wake up sun
can't you see
please don't set me free
symphonic psyche
crystalescent heaven

Saturday, March 14, 2015


A couple of months back I had a comment from a reader about my compilations. I have since forgotten who it was but I remembered his final line of the comment was that I should do one and call it Richard Nixon's Jukebox..........SO.........

Nixon could play five musical instruments. 
Nixon’s mother insisted he practice on the family’s upright piano every afternoon, and in the seventh grade he was sent 200 miles away to take lessons with his aunt, who had studied at the Indianapolis Conservatory of Music. Although he never learned to read music, Nixon could also play the saxophone, clarinet, accordion and violin. His musical talents turned ot to be political assets: Nixon’s 1963 appearance on “The Jack Paar Program,” during which he played a tune he wrote, helped rehabilitate his image after losing the California gubernatorial election the prior year. As president, he occasionally tickled the ivories, playing “Happy Birthday” for Duke Ellington at the White House and “My Wild Irish Rose” in honor of his wife at the Grand Ole Opry.

Here are 24 tunes that are or could have been connected ( in some bizarre way) to Nixon

01 a well respected man - kinks
02 buckle down with nixon - brian dewan
03 nixon's the one - mono puff
04 politician - cream
05 the love of richard nixon - manic steet preachers
06 go vote nixon - clancy hayes dixieland band
07 i wanna grow up to be a politician - byrds
08 politician - lee micheals
09 nixon now - mike curb congregation
10 nixon is fixin" -1972 campaign song 
11 elected - alice cooper
12 i'm the boss - burl ives
13 wild thing - richard nixon?
14 the 68 nixon(this tears model)- denver,boise and johnson
15 the richard nixon song - electric needle room
16 tricia tell your daddy - jay & the americans
17 campaigner - neil young
18 here's to the state of richard nixon - phil ochs
19 tricky dicky - country joe and grootna
20 ohio - crosby, stills. nash & young
21 nixon sings the blues - richard nixon?
22 moody richard - dan hicks & his hot licks
23 richard nixon - christmas
24 watergate blues - howlin" wolf