Sunday, April 13, 2014


The Left Banke is an American baroque pop band that formed in New York City in 1965, disbanded in 1969, and reformed in 2011 They are best remembered for their two US hit singles, "Walk Away Renée" and "Pretty Ballerina".The band often utilized what the music press referred to as "baroque" string arrangements, which led to their music being variously termed as "Bach-rock", "baroque rock", or "baroque 'n' roll" On most of their reunion dates, the group was joined onstage by a two or three-piece string section and even a guest oboe player for one or two shows.

    Disc One   46:05

01. intro & tuning & talk  2:33
02. She May Call You Up Tonight  2:08
03. I've Got Something On My Mind  2:59
04. Pretty Ballerina  3:29
05. Dark Is The Bark  3:55
06. Barterers And Their Wives  3:51
07. Goodbye Holly  2:59
08. Let Go Of You Girl  3:44
09. Heartbreaker  3:59
10. Sing Little Bird Sing  3:54
11. Nice To See You  4:21
12. My Friend Today  5:08
13. Shadows Breaking Over My Head  2:59

    Disc Two   44:13

14. I Can Fly  4:57
15. Love Songs In The Night  1:59 >
16. Lazy Day  2:57
17. Bryant Hotel  4:27
18. Two By Two  4:29
19. Evening Gown  2:14
20. I Haven't Got The Nerve  5:00
21. There's Gonna Be A Storm  3:57
22. Desiree  3:38
23. Walk Away Renee  2:38
24. ovation & talk  2:38
25. City Life  5:13

Paul Alves - guitar, vocals
Susan Aquila - violin
George Cameron - vocals, tambourine, cowbell
Charlie Cazalet - bass
Joanne Choi - cello
Mickey Finn - keyboards
Tom Finn - vocals, guitar
Mike Fornatale - vocals
Rick Reil - drums, vocals

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Arthur Lee Live
(actually Arthur Lee backed by The Cheetahs)
1993-10-04  Northampton, Massachusetts  Northampton Center For The Arts 

01. Alone Again Or
02. Orange skies
03. My Little Red Book
04. Andmoreagain
05. L.A. Caloca
06. That's The Way It Goes
07. Signed D.C.
08. Stephanie Knows Who
09. A House Is Not A Motel
10. Singing Cowboy
11. She Comes In Colors
12. 7 & 7 Is
13. Can't Explain
14. Everybody's Gotta Live       

Total Time ::: 57:26

::: Perfect digital stereo SBD recording.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


As many of you know the Microsoft support ends soon on the XP operating system. My desktop still uses that system so therefore It will no longer be safe to use the internet from that OS. I will have to upgrade to a new computer with a new OS as windows 7 or 8 but it may be awhile. I will try to stay in touch via a laptop but to do things efficiently I will have to upgrade. The posting will be a little more infrequent but I will get back into full swing hopefully soon.

Friday, April 4, 2014



01  my heart beats like a hammer
02  merry go round
03  long grey mare
04  hellhound on my trail
05  shake your moneymaker
06  looking for somebody
07  no place to go
08  my baby's good to me
09  albatross
10  cold black night
11  the world keep on turning
12  got to move
13  the green manalishi
14  oh well (pt1)
15  oh well( pt2)
16  dragonfly
17  black magic woman
18  closing my eyes
19  coming your way
20  rattlesnake shake
21  showbiz blues
22  stop messin' around
23  madison blues
24  jenny jenny

Monday, March 31, 2014


Happy April Fool's Day
Here are 24 tunes to hum or sing your day away. You will not find the traditional fool songs in this batch only those carefully selected by 24 hr. Going to take a break so see you in a few!

01  fool's gold - poco
02  i'm a fool - dino,desi, & billy
03  fool for the city - foghat
04  ship of fools - spirit
05  what a fool believes - doobie brothers
06  dancin' fool - frank zappa
07  the fool on the hill - beatles
08  foolish heart - grateful dead
09  foolin' around (the waltz) - youngbloods
10  ship of fools - grateful dead
11  dancin' fool - guess who
12  i won't be your fool no more - black,estrada. & pini
13  won't get fooled again - who
14  foolhearted woman - peanut butter conspiracy
15  fools and friends -  knowbody else
16  how could i be such a fool - mothers of invention
17  fools - deep purple
18  love's made a fool of you - ruby starr
19  fool - blue cheer
20  fool in the rain - led zeppelin
21  ship of fools - doors
22  fool to cry - rolling stones
23  fooled around and fell in love - elvin bishop
24  the fool - quicksilver messenger service

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Disc One:
The Matrix, San Francisco, California, August 4th 1970.

John Cipollina
Carlos Santana
Dino Valenti
Jack Casady
Jorma Kaukonen
Nicky Hopkins
Gary Duncan

01. Rock Me Baby
02. Stormy Weather
03. Sunshine Superman Jam
04. Santana Jam

Disc Two :
The Matrix, San Francisco, California, October 21st 1970.

John Cipollina
Jerry Garcia
David Freiberg
Papa John Creach
Jack Casady
Jorma Kaukonen
Nicky Hopkins

01. Jam 1
02. Jam 2
03. Jam 3
04. Jam 4


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


The Youngbloods could not be considered a major '60s band, but they were capable of offering some mighty pleasurable folk-rock in the late '60s, and produced a few great tunes along the way. One of the better groups to emerge from the East Coast in the mid-'60s, they would temper their blues and jug band influences with gentle California psychedelia, particularly after they moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. For most listeners, they're identified almost exclusively with their Top Ten hit "Get Together," but they managed several respectable albums as well, all under the leadership of singer/songwriter Jesse Colin Young.

Young got his start on the folk circuits of Boston and New York, and had already cut a couple of solo albums before forming the Youngbloods. John Sebastian was one of the supporting musicians on Young's second LP, and comparisons between the two — and between the Youngbloods and the Lovin' Spoonful — are inevitable. Both groups offered good-timey folk-rock with much stronger jug band influences than West Coast rivals like the Byrds, though the Youngbloods made greater use of electric keyboards than the Spoonful, courtesy of the enigmatically named Lowell "Banana" Levinger. The Youngbloods didn't craft nearly as many brilliant singles as the Lovin' Spoonful, but (unlike the Spoonful) endured well into the hippie/psychedelic era.

While Young was always the focal point of the band, their first two albums also had songwriting contributions from guitarist Jerry Corbitt. Produced by Felix Pappalardi (who also worked with Cream), these records (The Youngbloods and Earth Music) were engaging and mature, if inconsistent, folk-rock. Corbitt's "Grizzly Bear" was a small hit, as was "Get Together," a Dino Valenti song that had previously been recorded by Jefferson Airplane. The Youngbloods' slow, soulful interpretation of "Get Together" was definitive, but it wouldn't reach the Top Ten until it was re-released in 1969, after the song had been used in a television public service ad.

March 30, 1969
The Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA.
FM Radio.

1. Ride the Wind
2. Sugar Babe
3. Four in the Morning
4. Too much monkey Business
5. Banana's
6. Dolphins
7. The Wine Song
8. Darkness, Darkness
9. Beautiful