Friday, October 17, 2014



Live at the 94th St Music Hall, Victoria, BC, Canada; March 16, 1991. Fairly good audience recording.

It’s not often that live Troggs gets shared on the net so fans of the group might want this latter-day lineup as a keepsake.

The Troggs had their day in the sun in the ’60s   but thanks to Wet Wet Wet’s version of Love Is All Around and the film, Four Weddings And A Funeral, the group became hot again in 1994.

The band’s original drummer, Ronnie Bond, died on November 13, 1992. Dave Wright, another founding member, died on October 10, 2008. In January 2012, after over 40 years of touring, vocalist Reg Presley retired due to lung cancer. Presley died on February 4, 2013 at age 71.

Track 01. Got Love If You Want It 2:55
Track 02. Peggy Sue 2:51
Track 03. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction 4:46
Track 04. Feels Like A Woman 4:56
Track 05. Strange Movie 3:45
Track 06. Summertime 4:00
Track 07. Evil 4:46
Track 08. The Yella In Me 2:52
Track 09. I Do I Do 3:28
Track 10. Hi Hi Hazel 3:07
Track 11. Black Bottom 3:21
Track 12. Love Is All Around 3:47
Track 13. Any Way That You Want Me 3:38
Track 14. From Home 2:54
Track 15. 66-5-4-3-2-1 3:07
Track 16. With A Girl Like You 3:03
Track 17. Give It To Me 2:40
Track 18. Wild Thing 3:31
Track 19. I Can’t Control Myself 4:1

Thursday, October 16, 2014


01 earth angel - marvin berry & the starlighters
02 you angel you - new riders of the purple sage
03 angel on the corner - magicians
04 back door angels - jethro tull
05 angel - jimi hendrix
06 the angel song - gteat white
07 angel - enya
08 angel - fleetwood mac
09 fat angel - jefferson airplane
10 send me an angel - scorpions
11 i'm no angel - gregg allman
12 angel - aerosmith
13 song for angels - crimson glory
14 angel flying to close to the ground - willie nelson
15 angel of darkness - hot tuna
16 angel - eurythmics
17 send me an angel - real life
18 angel - corrs
19 angel asks - mind garage
20 angel of mercy - tommy flanders
21 calling all angels - train
22 angel fingers - roy wood's wizzard
23 angel - pure prarie league
24 (my angel is the) centerfold - j geils band

Wednesday, October 15, 2014



Live at the Roxy, Los Angeles, CA; December 11, 1975. Excellent FM broadcast.

Mention “country rock” and most people will mention the Eagles. Those into country rock will likely remember The Ozark Mountain Daredevils for their hits, Jackie Blue and If You Wanna Get To Heaven. Jackie Blue, with its smooth vocals a-la Curtis Mayfield is not your typical country rock song but then fans of the group will probably tell you that the Daredevils, from Springfield, Missouri, are not your typical country rock band. Take Better Days, for instance. The song may have a funky beat but that didn’t stop the band from taking an extended jazzy excursion with the flute.

 “The Daredevils manage to mix the traditional sounds from the hills and hollows of the Ozarks with R&B, ’70s rock, and you name it… The Daredevils always managed to jump back and forth from the pure rural “hillbilly” sound to any number of directions.”

Track 01. Absolute Zero
Track 02. Walkin’ Down The Road 
Track 03. Black Sky )
Track 04. Chicken Train 
Track 05. Noah
Track 06. Road To Glory 
Track 07. Out On The Sea
Track 08. Jackie Blue 
Track 09. E.E. Lawson 
Track 10. Better Days
Track 11. If You Wanna Get To Heaven 
Track 12. 15 Chihuahuas 
Track 13. Time Warp
Track 14. Look Away 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


The Guess Who
Ambassador Theater, St. Louis, MO
Radio Broadcast - KSHE-FM

One of the last concerts of the 1974 spring tour (shortly before guitarists Kurt Winter and Donnie McDougall left the group). 
Due to technical problems (a blown amp, or some other electrical malfunction), "Artificial Flowers" and "Sour Suite" were played as solo piano pieces by Burton. 

The Band: 
Gary Peterson 
Bill Wallace 
Burton Cummings 
Kurt Winter 
Donnie McDougall

Disc One - 61:07 minutes
01. Intro 
02. Bus Rider 
03. New Mother Nature 
04. Artificial Flowers
05. Sour Suite
06.  >> interlude
07. Undun 
08. Albert Flasher 
09. Runnin' Back To Saskatoon 
10. Glamour Boy
11. Self Pity 
12. Clap For The Wolfman
13. These Eyes
14. Star Baby
15. >> interlude 
16. Straighten Out
17. Bye Bye Babe

Disc Two - 40:15 minutes 
01. Medley: American Woman / Truckin' Off Across The Sky / No Sugar Tonight   20:55
02. Share The Land   4:58
03. No Time   5:30
04. (Applause) > Orly   5:45
05. (KSHE Analysis) > Leave It To Beaver Theme (Burton Cummings & Bill Wallace)   3:09

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Carnegie Hall, New York City, NY 1971-04-15

02.Let's Work Together
03.Introduction of John Lee Hooker
04.Hey Babe
05.Boogie Chillen no.2
06.Drum solo
07.Boogie Chillen no.2 ending
08.Introduction to Back Door Man
09.Back Door Man

Line Up: 
Bob Hite - Vocals
Henry Vestine - lead guitar
Fito de la Parra - drums
Joel Scott Hill - vocals, guitar
Antonio de la Barreda - bass
John Lee Hooker - vocals

Saturday, October 11, 2014


 01 me and the devil blues - robert johnston
02 friend of the devil - grateful dead
03 dust devil - fugs
04 devil - tongue & groove
05 the devil came from kansas - procol harum
06 song of the devil's servent - golden earring
07 devil with a blue dress on - mitch ryder& the detroit wheels
08 devil woman - yellow pagrs
09 devil and me - commander cody & the lost planet airmen
10 the devil within' - digital daggers
11 devil & daughter - black sabbath
12 devil in disguise - elvis presley
13 between the devil and the deep blue sea - george harrison
14 the devil made me do it - golden earring
15 the devil is singing our song - james gang
16 race with the devil - gun
17 sympathy for the devil - rolling stones
18 devil in a bottle - lynyrd skynyrd
19 devil - randy california
20 devil in her heart - beatles
21 the devil and me - dewey martin & medicine ball
22 woman is a devil - doors
23 runnin' with the devil - van halen
24 the devil went down to georgia - charlie daniels band

Sunday, October 5, 2014


I always find it interesting when one of the bands from my generation reforms to play once again. Here we have the legendary Yardbirds. This group was one of the most influential group of musicians  from the mid sixties. Starting as a blues based Band they evolved into one of the front runners in psychedelic music. I myself will never forget the impact their songs made on my choice of the music  I listened to. They of course gave birth to 3 legendary guitarists....Clapton, Beck and Page. But it is the other members who kept the band together through time and changes, They played a stint as the Box of Frogs during the 80's Those founding members...McCarty and Dreja back the band in the 90"s original Lead singer Keith Relf ( unfortunately) passed away in 1976.Relf was 33 when he died from electrocution, at his home, while playing his improperly earthed (i.e., grounded) guitar. At the time, Relf was rehearsing new material for the regrouping of the original Renaissance line-up, called Illusion.

In 1992, Peter Barton from Rock Artist Management contacted Jim McCarty about the prospect of reforming the Yardbirds. McCarty was interested but only if Chris Dreja would agree, but at the time he thought it highly unlikely that Dreja would want to tour again. Barton then contacted Dreja, who agreed to give it a try. Their debut gig was booked at the Marquee Club in London along with the newly reformed Animals. It was a great success. The lineup featured John Idan handling bass and lead vocals. Barton managed the band and booked all their dates for over a decade; he still works with the band on occasion.
In 2003, a new album, Birdland, was released under the Yardbirds name on the Favored Nations label by a lineup including Chris Dreja, Jim McCarty and new members Gypie Mayo (lead guitar, backing vocals), John Idan (bass, lead vocals) and Alan Glen (harmonica, backing vocals), which consisted of a mixture of new material mostly penned by McCarty and re-recordings of some of their greatest hits, with guest appearances by Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Slash, Brian May, Steve Lukather, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, John Rzeznik, Martin Ditchum and Simon McCarty. Also, Jeff Beck reunited with his former bandmates on the song "My Blind Life". And then there was the rare and improbable guest appearance on stage in 2005 by their first guitarist from the 1960s, Top Topham.
                 The Yardbirds were inducted into the rock hall of fame in 1992