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Dennis Carl Wilson (December 4, 1944 – December 28, 1983) was an American drummer, singer and songwriter. He is best known as a founding member of the rock band The Beach Boys, alongside his brothers, Brian and Carl, cousin, Mike Love, and Al Jardine. Wilson was a member of the band from its formation until his death in 1983, recording twenty-four studio albums. In 1977, he released a solo album, Pacific Ocean Blue, to widespread critical acclaim.

Born in Inglewood, California, Dennis was the middle brother of fellow Beach Boys members Brian Wilson and Carl Wilson. Dennis Wilson was also the only regular surfer of the group, and his personal life exemplified the beach lifestyle that the group's early songs often celebrated. His prominence in the group as a writer and lead vocalist increased as their careers went on into the late 1960s and 1970s.

Wilson released his debut solo album Pacific Ocean Blue in 1977. His collaborators on the album included Daryl Dragon (the 'Captain' of Captain & Tennille) and Gregg Jakobson. The album peaked at #96 in the U.S. and sold around 300,000 copies, matching that year's Beach Boys album Love You. Dates were booked for a Dennis Wilson solo tour but these were ultimately cancelled. However, Wilson did occasionally perform his solo material on the 1977 Beach Boys tour.[4] Despite Wilson himself claiming the album had "no substance,"[5] Pacific Ocean Blue performed well critically and continues to maintain a cult following. Wilson's trademark gravelly and melancholy vocals resonate throughout the work. The album was out of print for more than a decade before being reissued in June 2008. The expanded Sony Legacy edition was voted the 2008 Reissue of the Year in both Rolling Stone and Mojo magazines and made #16 on the British LP charts and #8 and both the Billboard Catalog chart and the Billboard Internet Sales chart.

Pacific Ocean Blue's follow-up, Bambu, began production in the year 1978 at Brother Studios in Santa Monica with the collaboration of then Beach Boys keyboardist and Dennis's close friend Carli Muñoz as songwriter and producer. The first four songs that were officially recorded for Bambu were Muñoz's compositions: "It's Not Too Late", "Constant Companion", "All Alone", and "Under The Moonlight"; they appear on the final 2008 release. The project was initially scuttled by lack of financing and the distractions of simultaneous Beach Boys projects.

Two songs from the Bambu sessions, "Love Surrounds Me" and "Baby Blue," were lifted for the Beach Boys' 1979 L.A. (Light Album). Wilson and brother Brian also recorded together apart from the Beach Boys in 1980 and 1981. These sessions remain unreleased though widely bootlegged as The Cocaine Sessions.
This bootleg version contains some tracks from the PB album


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    The Landlocked Sessions were recordings made in 1969/1970 after the Beach Boys left Capitol records and signed on to the Warner/Reprise roster.  The Boys’ new label rejected these recordings, feeling they did not capture the group at their best (in a purely commercial sense).  So fans miss out on great quirky tracks like “Loop De Loop,” “I Just Got My Pay,” “San Miguel,” “Suzie Cincinnati,” and the gorgeous Dennis Wilson penned gem “Lady.”  Some tracks would appear on later albums Surf’s Up and Holland (check out the great version of “Big Sur” or the 5 minute “Till I Die”).  In response to major label demands, the Beach Boys fired back by releasing the masterful Sunflower in 1970, followed by 71′s classic Surf’s Up.  These records were special not only for their quality but because they represented a creative rebirth of sorts - the material on hand was excellent, abundant and cutting edge.  Landlocked is the very beginnings of this early 70s renaissance.  Much of it has never been officially released but it’s all great stuff that’s worth hearing.

Copies (bootlegs) of Landlocked are usually coupled with another unreleased Beach Boy’s album, Adult Child.  Also, some bootlegs of Landlocked include the glorious Brian Wilson penned ”Soulful Old Man Sunshine.”  This track was cut in 1969 and eventually/officially released on 1998′s Endless Harmony.  Its unique brass arrangement gives it a blue-eyed soul sound.


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Another listen to Love as played by others. There are some unusual versions  done by some intersting artists.
01  7&7 is - souls slain
02  can't go on(signed dc) - souls slain
03  can't explain - thee sixpence
04  my flash on you - thee sixpence
05  que vida - galaxies
06  orange skies - galaxies
07  stephanies knows who - town criers
08  softly to me - tiffany shade
09  7&7 is - blues inc.
10  7&7 is - district six
11  7&7 is - soul benders
12  7&7 is - five by five
13  orange skies - os baobas
14  my little red book - standells
15  stephanie knows who - move
16  she comes in colors - fever tree
17  no matter what you do - sky saxon
18  my little red book - sky saxon
19  alone again or - damned
20  alone again or - ufo
21  she comes in colors - hooters
22  7&7 is - electric prunes
23  can't explain - black tambourine
24 you set the scene - nelson montana


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Although First Taste was the only Juicy Groove album, most of the same crew recorded another album under the name Rainbow Red Oxidizer. This quintet consisted of Neal, Bonfire, Marker, Ed Cassidy, and lead guitarist Leon Rubinhold (formerly of the Outlaw Blues Band). They apparently realized what year it was, because Recorded Lies, released in 1980 on a sub-label of BOMP Records, took a more up-to-date new wave approach. This was perhaps not a big stretch from First Taste, since '60's garage rockers are sometimes considered to have been the punk rockers of their day. The six band-written songs on the first side of Recorded Lies are from the Iggy Pop school of insolent punk. The title track is a maniacal rant against the record industry. On "Wild Beast Planet Ruler", Neal howls like a werewolf above the band's relentless garage groove. The fun begins to wear thin after that -- some of these tracks are too lightweight -- but the album regains its momentum on "Limo To The Gig", on which Neal and a female enact a dalliance between a rocker and a groupie. The second side is the better one, where Neal and the boys (and some girls) gleefully destroy seven classics by the Beatles, Stones, Jackie DeShannon, Sam the Sham, the Contours, Link Wray, and the Music Machine. Recorded Lies is an enjoyable romp most of the time, even though it does cross the line between irreverence and irrelevance.

Track Listing:

1.   Recorded Lies
2.   Wild Beast Planet Ruler
3.   Elevator Girl
4.   Fine Lover
5.   Palisades Park
6.   Limo To The Gig
7.   When You Walk In The Room
8.   Rawhide
9.   Talk Talk
10. Do You Love Me
11. Wooly Bully
12. Play With Fire
13. Hard Day's Night
  Recorded Lies


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          Juicy Groove was a short-lived supergroup of sorts, featuring former members of Steppenwolf (guitarist Mars Bonfire, a.k.a. Dennis Edmonton) and Captain Beefheart's Magic Band (guitarist Mercury Flyer, a.k.a. Elliot Ingber, and bassist Gary "Magic" Marker). There were numerous drummers involved; the drums are credited to Thundercloud, a nickname for Mike Cassidy, son of Spirit drummer Ed Cassidy. The elder Cassidy is not credited, but Ed reportedly drummed on some of the songs, and Iron Butterfly's Ron Bushy drummed on one. Their lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist was a character named Michael "Rainbow" Neal, an associate of Sky Saxon who was involved in some of Saxon's post-Seeds activities. On their 1978 album, Juicy Groove played unashamed '60's-style garage psychedelia as if the previous decade had never ended.

    Juicy Groove's only album was titled First Taste. It was a picture disc released on a label called Payola. It's a hilariously anachronistic set of acid-fried hippie-rock tunes, recorded with a relatively lo-fi quality for a late-'70's album. There are no songwriting credits on the disc, but at least three songs ("Starry Ride", "Drums Guitars Stars", "Tired Of Bein' Poor") were co-written by Seeds leader Sky Saxon. The uninhibited frontman "Rainbow" Neal alternately moans like a stoner and howls like a lunatic. The trippy "Starry Ride" feels like just that. "Drums Guitars Stars" is a Jefferson Airplane-like anthem (complete with a Grace Slick soundalike named Victoria Reid) about rocking and rolling your way to fame. The similar-minded "Concert Fever" (which features Iron Butterfly drummer Ron Bushy) is filled with obviously dubbed sounds of audience applause. The album's carefree drug-soaked party vibe results in infectious, delirious enjoyment. Fans of Rhino's Nuggets box sets may want to dig this record up, because they'll probably dig it.

    Track Listing:

    1. Secret Lover
    2. Juicy Groove
    3. Late Last Night
    4. Drums Guitars Stars
    5. Tired Of Bein' Poor
    6. Concert Fever
    7. Two Shy
    8. Starry Ride
    9. Spread Love
    10. Havin' Fun

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Recorded live at CAPITAL CENTRE, LANDOVER, MD 3/15/90

Terrapin Station (Limited Edition) is a triple CD live
 by the Grateful Dead released in 1997. It was
recorded on March 15, 1990 — bassist Phil Lesh's 50th birthday
 — at the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland, and contained a
 rare Beatles cover, "Revolution". "Revolution" was a favorite
song of Lesh's and had previously been played at his request.
Music from the previous night, recorded at the same venue,
 can be found on Without a Net. Likewise, the concert from
the following night, at the same venue, is contained on
Spring 1990. This recording is currently out of print
1-1     Jack Straw     6:20
1-2     Sugaree     11:13
1-3     Easy To Love     6:32
1-4     Walkin Blues     6:12
1-5     Althea     8:32
1-6     Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues     6:57
1-7     Tennessee Jed     9:17
1-8     Cassidy     6:11
1-9     Don't Ease Me In     4:04
2-1     China Cat Sunflower     6:27
2-2     I Know You Rider     6:50
2-3     Samson & Delilah     7:07
2-4     Terrapin Station     14:23
2-5     Mock Turtle Jam     8:23
2-6     Drums     6:16
3-1     And     3:43
3-2     Space     10:06
3-3     I Will Take You Home     4:20
3-4     Wharf Rat     10:59
3-5     Throwing Stones     8:59
3-6     Not Fade Away     9:22
3-7     Revolution     5:07

Grateful Dead

    Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
    Mickey Hart - drums, percussion
    Bill Kreutzmann - drums, percussion
    Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
    Brent Mydland - Hammond organ, keyboards, vocals
    Bob Weir - guitar, vocals


    John Cutler - recording
    Amy Finkle - package design
    Kelly & Mouse - package illustration     Disc 3

 Disc 1

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Lawrence University Chapel
Appleton, WI

The Mothers Of Invention, November 1968 - May 1969
FZ, Lowell George, Roy Estrada, Jimmy Carl Black, Art Tripp,
Ian Underwood, Don Preston, Bunk Gardner, Motorhead Sherwood, Buzz Gardner.


01 intro & tune-up 1:45
02 Some Ballet Music 7:43
03 Uncle Meat (incl. Drum Duet) 7:13
04 Eye Of Agamotto 8:12
05 My Guitar preamble 0:50
06 My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama 3:41
07 Clap & Vomit (incl. Prelude to the Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gas Mask, Meditation, audience participation) 6:36
08 Kung Fu #1 (aka The Jelly) 2:23
09 Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue (q: Teddy Bears' Picnic, Tea For Two, It Had To Be You, Octandre) 7:41
10 Hungry Freaks, Daddy 3:49
11 'The Duke' preamble 0:58
12 Little House I Used To Live In 5:30
13 Aybe Sea 1:00
14 Transylvania Boogie 2:17
15 Help I'm A Rock (incl. Transylvania Boogie) 4:56
16 King Kong 14:30
17 Igor's Boogie / Little Doo-Wop 2:40