Tuesday, July 12, 2016


                                            You just can't keep a good instro down.... can you. ?                                                                                 

01  borderline - spirit
02  orange blossom special - fairport convention
03  golden ear-rings - hunters
04  boog a dunk - loading zone
05  toktela - absolute elsewhere
06  hall of the mountain grill - hawkwind
07  voyages of past travelers - captain beyond
08  the stumble -  henry vestine
09  caught at the plate - babe ruth
10  pian_della_tortilla - bambiband_e_melodie
11  terry's tune - raiders
12  daddy long legs - tiki tonrd
13  lsd boogie - henry vestine
14  rumble 68 - kasenetz -katz singing orchestral circus
15  space race - billy preston
16  the premium bond theme - roy wood
17  blue guitar - fraternity of man
18  honky fonk - p.f.flyer
19  thanks - new phoenix
20  bongo,bongo,bongo - preston epps
21  manhattan rumble ( 49th street massacre)
22  waltz for a pig - graham bond
23  lugars groove = spooky tooth
24  baby' please don't go - baptism of uzi

Sunday, July 3, 2016


Crosby, Stills And Nash (and sometimes Young)

Four Way Harmonies
Outtakes and unreleased tracks from the early years, plus a few live recordings.

Track 01. Our Mouse (Crosby-Nash dialogue) (446k)
Track 02. Wooden Ships (embryonic first demo - no lyrics yet) (2.4MB)
Track 03. Laughing (1968 Crosby demo) (5.6MB)
Track 04. Wooden Ships (first studio take by Crosby and Stills, 1968) (6.7MB)
Track 05. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (instrumental with bass and drums) (6.6MB)
Track 06. Marrakesh Express (early rough mix; overdubs missing) (3.7MB)
Track 07. Guinnevere (alternate mix with full band - electric guitars, drums and bass) (6.9MB)
Track 08. Guinnevere (early acoustic version) (7.0MB)
Track 09. Lady of the Island (rough mix with discarded Crosby duet vocal) (3.9MB)
Track 10. Pre-Road Downs (rough mix with missing chorus vocal) (4.2MB)
Track 11. Helplessly Hoping (with full band - guitars drums and bass) (3.6MB)
Track 12. Cinnamon Girl (1969 instrumental studio take of Neil Young's song) (3.6MB)
Track 13. I've Loved Her So Long (CSNY live, Aug. 26, 1969, Los Angeles, Neil's song) (2.9MB)
Track 14. And So Begins the Task (CSNY live, Dec. 13, 1969, Chicago, Stephen Stills' song) (6.3MB)
Track 15. Little Miss Bright Eyes (unreleased Stills song, late 1969 studio outtake) (2.9MB)
Track 16. Long Time Gone (Tom Jones with CSNY, Sept. 6, 1969, "This Is Tom Jones" TV show (5.6MB)
Track 17. Come One in My Kitchen (Stills coaxing Crosby into singing the blues song) (1.5MB) 

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Kingfish's Very First Radio Show, Live At The Roxy, LA, 1976-03-11 FM reel-to-reel   great show

Not much to say here, except that "Hypnotize" is a great track, reminiscent of "Eyes Of The World". This is a fun show to listen to!

Setlist (runtime about 70:30):

The Battle Of New Orleans
My Blue Tears
Bye And Bye
Good-Bye Yer Honor
New New Minglewood Blues
I Hear You Knockin'
Big Iron
Jump For joy
I Need Time
Asia Minor
Around And Around
Tom O'Hare (announcer)
Sea Cruise
One More Saturday Night

As of the time of this show, the band were:

Chris Herold – drums, percussion
Robby Hoddinott – guitar, slide guitar
Matt Kelly – guitar, harmonica, vocals
Dave Torbert – bass guitar, vocals
Bob Weir – guitar, vocals 

Friday, June 24, 2016


New Riders of the Purple Sage
TCC Music Hall,
Tucson, AZ
source: sbd cassette master 

John Dawson: guitar, vocals
David Nelson: guitar, vocals
Skip Battin: bass
Buddy Cage: pedal steel 
Spencer Dryden: drums

disc one: 68:28
set I
01: I Don't Know You
02: Sunday Susie
03: Austin Texas >
04: Instant Armadillo Blues
05: Lonesome LA Cowboy
06: Panama Red
07: Rainbow
08: Teardrops In My Eyes
09: Singing Cowboy
10: You Angel You
11: Henry
12: Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music)
13: Old Man Noll
14: Take A Letter Maria
15: Truck Driving Man
16: Portland Woman

disc two: 63:38
set II
01: She's No Angel
02: Dirty Business
03: Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
04: Whiskey
05: One Too Many Stories
06: Big Wheels
07: Six Days On The Road
08: Crooked Judge
09: Last Lonely Eagle
10: Louisiana Lady
11: Glendale Train
12: Dead Flowers
13: Nadine

Thursday, June 16, 2016


The band circa 73.. This lineup was indeed their best after the original band 

1. - Waitin' For The Wind
 2. - I Am The Walrus
 3. - The Wrong Time
 4. - Cotton Growing Man
 5. - Old As I Was Born
 6. - Better By You, Better Than Me
 7. - Tobacco Road
 8. - Evil Woman
 9. - Sunshine Help Me

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


I Just Want to Make Love to You is a 1954 blues song written by Willie Dixon, first recorded byMuddy Waters, and released as Just Make Love to Me (Chess 1571). The song reached number four on Billboard magazine's R&B Best Sellers chart

Backing Waters' vocals on the single were Little Walter on harmonica, Jimmy Rogers on guitar, Otis Spann on piano, Willie Dixon on bass, and Fred Below on drums.Waters recorded the song again for the album Electric Mud (1968)

etta james
chuck berry
freddie king
muddy waters, bo diddley & little walter
bill medley
blue moon
cold blood
shadows of knight
mom's apple pie
the sensational  alex harvey
lee kings
willie dixon
soul agents
rolling stones
mungo jerry
paul rodgers & jeff beckrainbow
johnny kidd & the pirates
meat puppets
tom petty

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Track listings may be off but still should follow the original list of songs. Reposting required a breakdown of the full file.

Problem Child
Pine Street Theatre
Sept. 3 1987

01 Intro.
02 It's Your Monkey Now
03 Hired Hand
04 Moonlight Traveler
05 Prayers
06 Summertime
07 Rumble
08 One For The Money
09 Blind Love
10 Fever Dreams
11 Rooster
12 Running Blue
13 All Worth The Price You Pay
14 Jungle Love

Chris Cole - lead vocals, harmonica
John Cipollina - guitar, vocals on "Fever Dreams"
Greg Douglass - guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on "All Worth The Price You Pay"
Les Lizama - bass
Greg Elmore - drums

Sunday, May 29, 2016


Linda Tillery is an American singer and percussionist born in San 
Francisco.Tillery was born in 1948 to parents who migrated from Texas to San Francisco.

Tillery first came to prominence as the lead singer in San Francisco group The 
Loading Zone from 1968 to 1969. After that group split in 1970 she recorded her 
debut album ( Sweet Linda Divine) for CBS Records, and worked as a studio musician 
through much of the 1970s, playing drums on albums by Santana, Mary Watkins, and 
Teresa Trull. She became a producer and staff artist at Olivia Records late in the
decade, and released a second full-length album on the label in 1978
Her association with Olivia led her into the genre of women's music; she has 
collaborated with June Millington, Deirdre McCalla, Barbara Higbie, Holly Near, and 
Margie Adam, as well as with pop musicians like Kenny Loggins, Huey Lewis, and Bobby 
McFerrinShe produced the music for the documentary film "A Question of Color", and created 
and performed the music for the dance, Invisible Wings, with choreographer Joanna 
Haigood.In the 1990s, she began exploring African music, forming the group Cultural Heritage 
Choir. She also plays with her own band Skin Tight, a jazz/blues outfit.


A-1:I'll Say It Again (4:41)
A-2:Same Time, Same Place (6:21)
A-3:I Love My Dog (4:23)
A-4:Boog-A-Dunk (4:24)
A-5:Young Girl Blues (5:39)
B-1:Good Day Sunshine (2:45)
B-2:Cigarettes And Coffee (7:21)
B-3:Things I Just Don't Understand (3:53)

There is another track on the LP but oddly it is missing on the file I have  Maybe some one out there in blog land can be kind and provide that missing tune

I've Got a Tiger By The Tail

Sunday, May 22, 2016


00  gloria patria - h.p. lovectaft
01  some kind of wonderful - mark farner band
02  family bible - johnny cash
03  run sinner run - spirit
04  be born again - salloom,sinclair & the mother bear
05  brother moses - overland stage
06  jesus is coming pt1 - sons of champlin
07  heavens gonna be a blast - wilson mckinley
08  do you believe - storybook people
09  risen savior - concrete rubber band
10  writing on the wall - mark farner
11  open up your heart - god unlimited
12  old rugged cross - all saved freak band
13  come quickly jesus - maranathal 2
14  11th hour and mear the end - our generation
15  peace in the valley - u.s. apple corp
16  one way - armageddon experience
17  god - cycle
18  ride on king jesus - u.s. apple corp
19  the outlaw - dove
20  down in thw churchyard - flying burrito brothers
21  cause jesus loves me - joyful noise
22  there is still hope in jesus - all saved freak band
23  swing low sweet chariot - solar circus
24  holy are you - electric prunes


01  i can feel him in the morning - grand funk railroad
02  spirit in the sky - norman greenbaum
03  god is back in town - aum
04  people get ready - vanilla fudge
05  let jesus bring you back - earthen vessel
06  jerusalem - emerson, lake and palmer
07  we believe in jesus - rick price
08  my jesus told me so - marshall tucker band
09  presence of the lord - blind faith
10  the lord's prayer - mind garage
11  holy man - spirit
12  hymn - barclay james harvest
13  make peace with jesus - gypsy
14  the cross - prince
15  jesus is just alright - byrds
16  kyrie eleison - electric prunes
17  jesus - velvet underground
18  my sweet lord - george harrison
19  i believe in god - masters of the airwaves
20  gotta serve somebody - bob dylan
21  the christian life - byrds
22  resurrection - aum
23  amazing grace - jeff beck
24  amen - rotary connection