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Psych-rock combo Indian Puddin' and Pipe formed in Seattle in 1966--originally dubbed the West Coast Natural Gas, the group initially comprised singer/guitarist Kep, guitarists Chuck Bates and Kris Larson, bassist Dave Burke and drummer Jeff LaBrache. A latter-day lineup minus Kep and Bates and featuring vocalist Pat Craig and guitarist Steve Mack relocated to San Francisco and in late 1967 issued the lone WCNG single, the Matthew Katz-produced "Go Run and Play." Katz--the manager of Moby Grape, It's a Beautiful Day and other luminaries of the San Francisco psych scene--structured his contracts so that different lineups could appear under a given group's name anytime and anywhere he desired; one lineup of Indian Puddin' and Pipe already existed, but Katz nevertheless rechristened West Coast Natural Gas with the name as well, moving Craig to keyboards and recruiting vocalist Lydia Mareno for what is now considered the definitive version of the group. Indian Puddin' and Pipe never recorded a full-length LP, but did produce four excellent tracks for the compilation Fifth Pipe Dream, issued on Katz's San Francisco Sound label in 1968. This incarnation of the group split soon after, with Mareno later resurfacing in Stoneground and Craig and Mack reuniting in Pipe.


Jeff LaBrache ~ Drums 
Kris Larson ~ Guitar 
Dave Burke ~ Bass 
Pat Craig ~ Keyboards, Vocals 
Steve Mack ~ Guitar, Violin, Vocals 
Paul Trousdale ~ Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Vocals 
Steve "Warthog" Jackson ~ Bass, Vocals 
Barry Lewis ~ Drums 
Dennis Lannigan ~ Alto Saxophone, Piano, Vocals 
Rex Larsen ~ Guitar, Vocals 
Rick Quintanal ~ Drums 
David Savage ~ Trumpet 
Jock Ellis ~ Trombone 
Lydia Moreno ~ Vocals 

Indian Puddin' and Pipe circa 1969 in Bolinas, CA.

Band members in the photo  are from left to right  Top - Paul Trousdale (Brave New World), Dennis Lannigan (Sonny & Cher Band, the Turtles, The Ducks), David Savage, Rex Larsen (Sonny & Cher Band, The Turtles), Pat Craig (West Coast Natural Gas), Bottom (with hand on chin) Steve Mack (West Coast Natural Gas), Rick Quintanal (Don Ellis Orchestra) Steve (Warthog) Jackson.

tracks 1-6 from the IPP "lost" Lp
Tracks 7-8 from the sampler San Francisco Sound "Then and Now"
Oddly these two tracks are listed by another artist(IABD) but in reading the musicians roster it is clear that it is IPP

                       01 Morning Delight    
        02 A Penny
               03 Shadowlarks
        04 Mr. Blue
         05 Spirit        
            06 Planetary Road
              07 Aquarian Dream
                                                            08 John                                                                

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West Coast Natural Gas began life in 1965 in Seattle. In early 1967 they went to San Francisco to work for a local music manager named Matthew Katz.  

Katz was the original manager for Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape and later It’s a Beautiful Day. He talked West Coast Natural Gas into signing a contract with him but they didn’t realize at the time, being young and stupid. That basically they signed over everything to him. They went to the studio and recorded some original tunes: A Favor, Go Run and Play, The Jumping Frog, Hashish, Water or Wine, Beyond This Place, and Two’s A Pair. 

In early 1968 the band broke up and went back to Seattle. Katz released a single – Go Run and Play / A Favor on his S.F. Sound label under the name West Coast Natural Gas. Later he released a compilation album - the first San Francisco Sound sampler - called “Fifth Pipe Dream”. The four songs mentioned before, Water or Wine, Hashish, Beyond This Place and Two’s A Pair were the ones recorded by WCNG and relabeled by Katz as Indian Puddin’ and Pipe. 

Bio material borrowed from  Rockesteria Music Blog
Thanks Mario!

1. Go Run And Play (Kris Larsen) - 2:33
2. A Favor (Steve Mack) - 3:41
3. A Favor Version 2 (Steve Mack) - 3:44
4. The Jumping Frog (Pat Craig) - 3:33
5. Two's A Pair (Steve Mack) - 4:15
6. Beyond This Place (Pat Craig) - 2:32
7. Hashish (Kris Larsen) - 3:03
8. Water Or Wine (Steve Mack) - 3:40
9. The West Coast Natural Gas White Levis Commercial 'Never Break' (Pat    Craig) - 0:46
10.Radio Promo from the Galaxy Club ca. 1968 - 0:37
11.Mr. You're A Better Man Than I (M. Hugg, B. Hugg) - 2:56
12.Younger Girl (J. Sebastian) - 2:11
13.You Make Me Feel So Good (C. White) - 2:12
14.He Was A Friend Of Mine (Traditional, lyrics by J. McGuinn) - 2:38

West Coast Natural Gas
*Pat Craig - Vocals, Piano, Organ, Autoharp, Guitar
*Kris Larsen - Vocals, Guitar
*Steve Mack - Vocals, Lead Guitar
*Dave Burke - Bass
*Jeff Labrache- Drums, Vocals

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01 kosmic blues - janis joplin
02 lonesome whistle blues - chicken shack
03 mercury blues - david lindley
04 tennessee blues - doug sahm
05 death sound blues - country joe & the fish
06 florida blues - salloom,sinclair, & the mother bear
07 groundhog blues - linn county
08 subterranean homesick blues - bob dylan
09 lightnin' bar blues - hoyt axton
10 chauffeur blues - jefferson airplane
11 airplane blues - allen ginsberg & bugs henderson
12 new york city blues - yardbirds
13 honky tonk blues - banana & the bunch
14 joe's blues - country joe mcdonald 
15 hong kong blues - spanky & our gang
16 guitar blues - barclay james harvest
17 fine artist blues - robert crumb & his cheap suit serenaders
18 blues concerning my girl - bethlehem exit
19 payola blues - neil young
20 hesitation blues - hot tuna
21 buried alive in the blues - big brother & the holding Co.
22 enron blues - black.estrada & pini
23 viola lee blues - grateful dead
24 country blues - jimi hendrix

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Mint Tattoo was born as an offshoot of the legendary 60's proto punk acid band Blue Cheer. Bruce Stephens and Ralph (Burns) Kellogg had played together in Blue Cheer on band's self titled album in 1969, but after that one album, Stephens left the band to pursue other interests. Kellogg stayed on with Blue Cheer until the demise of the band in 1971, but during his tenure with Blue Cheer he reunited with Stephens along with drummer Gregg Thomas to form the band Mint Tattoo. Produced by James William Guercio (Chicago) and engineered by Phil Ramone in New York, the Mint Tattoo is a mixture of blues styled original songs, a cover of classic a blues numbers and some rather uninspired, typical for the era hard rock tunes. Not an overly exciting album, compared to the early Blue Cheer material, but none the less a period piece and better than most material that was being released in the early 70's. 

1 Sister Fleu (First Movement) (3:53)
2 Leper's Epitaph (Second Movement) (1:34)
3 Policeman's Ball (Third Movement) (2:24)
4 Littal Lieu Lieu's Revenge (Fourth Movement) (:15)
5 Faces of Roses (3:37)
6 I'm Talking About You (3:25)
7 Scorpio Woman (6:46)
8 Mark of the Beast (2:37)
9 Moanin' (4:21)
10 With Love (2:30)
11 I Hear the Spirits (3:22)

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Bruce Stephens - Watch That First Step 

1. Cold Cold Heart
2. Detroit Or Buffalo
3. Full Moon
4. The Best Of You
5. Crawl Out Your Window
6. Wrong Way Girl
7. 61 Clay
8. Ooh La La
9. Heart Of Saturday Night 
Acoustic Bass - Mario Feraci
Arranged By [Horn & Strings] - Denny Jaeger
Artwork By [Airbrush] - Vera Knudsen
Artwork By [Art Direction] - Dag Wærner
Backing Vocals - Annie Sampson , Billy Bop Boman , Jo Baker , Two Tons O'Fun*
Bass - Lonnie Turner
Drums - B.J. Wilson
Engineer - Neil Schwartz
Engineer [Aided & Abetted] - Eric Buck , Richard Greene
Guitar - Greg Douglas
Guitar [Slide Guitar] - Michael O'Neill
Harmonica - Norton Buffalo
Horn - Mel Martin & Friends*
Keyboards, Vocals - Bruce Stephens
Percussion - Babatunde
Percussion [Brushes] - Bud Spangler
Photography - Patricia Kay
Producer - Bob Simmons , Jack Leahy
Steel Guitar [Pedal] - Joe Goldmark
Vibraphone [Vibe] - Larry Blackshear
Violin - John Tenny , Nate Rubin

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 The album Pilot had as the principal player  Bruce Stephens, often confused with Leigh Stephens. Leigh Stephens did make a guest appearance on the album. Pilot was the name of the album, not a group as is often stated. Eric Albronda co-produced the Pilot album with Bruce Stephens at Trident Studios in London. The recordings were done in 1971 and released on RCA Records. The song "Fillmore Shuffle" was covered by Sammy Hagar. A song about the perils of substance abuse.

Bruce Stephens     keyboards, acoustic & electric guitar, vocals

Leigh Stephens     electric guitar
Martin Quittenton     acoustic guitar
Neville Whitehead     bass
Mick Waller     drums
Ray Cooper     percussion
Gordon Huntley     dobro, pedal steel guitar
David Hentschel     synthesizer
Chris Hughes     sax
Karen Friedman     vocals
Jacki Hardin     vocals
Dari Lalou     vocals
Casey Synge     vocals

Stop And Think     3:24     (Bruce Stephens)
Miss Sandy     3:43     (Bruce Stephens)
Rendevous     3:49     (Bruce Stephens)
Fillmore Shuffle     7:50     (Bruce Stephens)
Love Is That Way     4:02     (Bruce Stephens)
Penny Alone     4:05     (Bruce Stephens)
With Me Tonight     4:02     (Bruce Stephens)
Rider                       4:55                       (Bruce Stephens)

Recorded At:
    - AIR Studios, London
    - Morgan Studios, London
    - Trident Studios, London
Produced By Eric Albronda & Bruce Stephens
Album Design: Wilson McLean
Photography: Roger Perry


01 blues from an airplane - jefferson airplane
02 codeine blues - charlatans
03 gang war blues - steppenwolf
04 no sleep blues - incredible string band
05 last call blues - mill valley bunch
06 outlaw blues - great society
07 milk cow blues -bob wills & his texas playboys  
08 payday blues - dan hicks & his hot licks
09 jackson - kent blues - steve miller band
10 spanish harlem -senor blues - gary duncan
11 nobody blues - serpent power
12 establishment blues - rejoyce
13 blues for breakfast - country joe ncdonald
14 slow blues - mike wilhelm
15 miller's blues - moby grape
16 showbiz blues - fleetwood mac
17 pawnshop blues - spirit
18 worried life blues - blues magoos
19 penicillin blues - stone the crows
20 blues my naughty sweetie gives to me - jim kweskin jug band
21 san francisco fm blues - doug dahm
22 pill's blues - rockets
23 searchin ' blues - novato frank band
24 roadhouse blues - doors

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01 sabre dance - california cotton pickers
02 speakin' of spoken- lovin' spoonful
03 sundown in mexico - nicky hopkins
04 missing - camel
05 snowflakes - elmer city rambling dogs
06 max roach - charlie watts - jim keltner project
07 sizzler - mistress
08 chinese checkers - booker t & the mg's
09 unvicious circle - john cipollinas's rsven
10 interlock - ginger baker
11 goofers - micheal bloomfield
12 citara - light my fire - ananda shankar
13 and she won't - crazy horse
14 no warning - king crimson
15 kahuna sunset - buffalo springfield
16 new blue ooze - kaleidoscope
17 premonition - keef hartley band
18 tighten up - merl saunders quintet
19 plunk a little funk - papa john creach
20 969(the oldest man) - guess who
21 alabama's ghost - loading zone
22 fire eater - three dog night
23 san-ho-zay - chicken shack
24 thing - jefferson airplane

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My first thought was to post the solo Lp by Bruce Stephens entitled Watch That First Step but after thinking about it a little more I felt this guy deserved more than just a solo lp to do him justice. I decided to put together some of Bruce's collected works from the bands he participated with as well as some solo work.  Bruce was a founding member of Mint Tattoo as well as spending time as lead guitarist in Blue Cheer.  He made two solo LP's " Pilot" and the before mentioned"  Step" LP  The "Pilot" Lp is not to be confused with the English band of the same name , Bruce was an excellent song writer and had a great distinctive voice  Bruce passed away in 2012  I always enjoyed his music and like so many in his class He deserved more recognition for his work

Tracks  1-5    as performed with Blue Cheer
           6-7       From the KSAN demo tapes
              8-14      as performed with Mint tattoo
           15-20    as performed on the Pilot Lp
                              21-22    From the Solo Lp Watch That First Step
         23-24    as performed with Shotgun 


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                           Recall requested by Pete Greenwood  in Perth, Western Australia


The Allman Joys was an early band with Duane and Gregg Allman fronting. It was originally the Escorts, but it eventually evolved into the Allman Joys. Duane Allman quit high school to spend his days at home practicing guitar. They auditioned for Bob Dylan's producer, Bob Johnston, at Columbia Records, backing a girl trio called The Sandpipers In true Beatles-esque style, Johnston was more interested in the girls... Eventually, they went on to form Hour Glass and then the Allman Brothers Band.