Thursday, May 28, 2015


01 school's out - alice cooper
02 high school - mc5
03 school girl - standells
04 high school girls - budgie
05 good morning little schoolgirl - grateful dead
06 rock and roll high school - ramones
07 high school confidential - jerry lee lewis
08 schooldays - kinks
09 remember the days of the old schoolyard - cat stevens
10 school days - chuck berry
11 ten o' clock scholar - standells
12 my old school - steely dan
13 me and julio down by the schoolyard - paul simon
14 high school nights - dave edmunds
15 education - kinks
16 teacher - jethro tull
17 hot for teacher - van halen
18 don't be a drop out - james brown
19 smokin' in the boys room - brownsvill station
20 what did you learn in school today - tom paxton
21 harper valley p.t.a. - jeannie c riley
22 graduation day - stark whitman
23 be true to your school - beach boys
24 back to school - bo diddley

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I just wanted to say a few words about the blog in general

This blog was started in March of 2008. It has well over 1000 posts  
The very first post was Micky Hart's Rolling Thunder.
It is indeed a labor of love focusing on the music that I enjoy
. As you have probably seen I have started updating some of the older files on the site. Summer is on now here in Atlanta and it seems that the blog readers are out doing other things. So I decided to revisit some of the old stuff. I will update a post for you if you can be courteous enough to Email me at  I would like your name and location to add a bit of personalization on the request. After all it is nice to know who  I am in contact with. I will ignore all anonymous requests!  As you well know it takes some time to research the materials . Some posts may well be totally obsolete for various reasons 
When an update is posted I will use the "Recall" logo and all you have to do is go to the right sidebar and find the artist and click on it  and you can scroll through the page(s) to find your selection. You ..probably noticed I use the term recall vs repost ( I dislike that  description)

Once again I appreciate any comments or ideas that you may have So don't be afraid to plug in a comment or two. It does'nt hurt and I appreciate them  

Monday, May 25, 2015


As requested by Derek S in Birmingham U.K. the following posts have been updated. Please view the original posts.



As requested by Bert F. of Boozetunes the following post has been updated. Please visit the original posting.


As requested by Trevor T. of the United Kingdom,.. the following Posts have been updated. Please visit the original postings!

Spirit - Detroit 1984
            Denver 1974
                        San Francisco - 1984

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Black Bottom refers to a dance which became popular in the 1920s, the famed Roaring Twenties that also was known as the Jazz Age and the era of the Flapper. The Black Bottom could be danced solo or as a couple.

Originating among African Americans in the rural South, the Black Bottom eventually was appropriated by white society and became a national craze in the 1920s. The dance was most famously performed by Ziegfeld Follies star Ann Pennington, who danced the Black Bottom in a Broadway revue put on by Zeigfeld's rival George White in 1926

The title track from this 1981 LP is a take on the 20's gangster presence . This  Troggs release shows great original music by the band who never died even after the loss of key members.

01 - Black Bottom
02 - Strange Movies
03 - Bass For My Birthday
04 - Little Pretty Thing
05 - Last Night
06 - Hot Days
07 - I Don't
08 - Widge You
09 - Feels Like A Woman
10 - I Love You Baby

11 - Save The Last Dance For Me
12 - I Do Do
13 - Troggs Medley`

Friday, May 22, 2015


00 telephone conversation 
01 don't hang up - orlons
02 beechwood 4-5789 - marvelettes
03 party line - kinks
04 carl phone = roger mcguinn
05 66-5-4-3-2-1 - troggs
06 the phone call - pretenders
07 one ring jane - mother tucker's yellow duck
08 she may call you up - left banke
09 telephone sex - ruby starr & grey star
10 ttelephone line - electric light orchestra
11 6060-842 - b52's
12 the red telephone- love
13 telephone love - moby grape
14 operator - grateful dead
15 off the hook - rolling stones
16 you didn't try to call me - mothers of invention
17 give me your phone number - john lee hooker
18 telephone blues - john mayall
19 sylvia's mother - dr kook & the medicine show
20 call me - blondie
21 ( my phone's on ) vibrate - rufus wainwright
22 new york telephone conversation - lou reed
23 rikki don't lose that number - steely dan
24 let your fingers do the walking - neil young