Sunday, January 25, 2015


Malibou Babylon - Blue Stingrays 

 The Blue Stingrays were a late 1990s rock band that played surf rock, incorporating some country and western elements, with an overall Hawaiian atmosphere. The band was composed of the members of The Heartbreakers, Tom Petty's backup band, who took a short break from their work with Petty to record one album, Surf-N-Burn, which had the theme song "Goldfinger" from the James Bond film of the same name.

seems surf guitar is hot on the internet now so I thought I would put my own version of the genre. 24 from 24 !

01 fiberglass jungle - crossfires
02 spaghetti strap - telstars
03 mr moto - belairs
04 teen beat - sandy nelson
05 danger island - atomic mosquitos
06 maple leaf rag - les jaquars
07 malibu babylon - blue stingrays
08 petite flouer - spotnicks
09 pipeline - chantays
10 rebel rouser - duane eddy
11 marilou - dick dale
12 stringer - bobby fuller
13 panic button - edgar alan & the po'boys
14 penetration- pyramids
15 rumble - link wray
16 secret agent man - king's road
17 baja - astronaunts
18 dawn patrol - eliminators
19 the lonely surfer - jack nitzche
20 apache - shadows
21 pintor - pharos
22 kolme kitaraa (three guitars) - strangers
23 beach boy instrumental - vertical limits
24 theme from hawaii five o - ventures


Friday, January 23, 2015


Umbassa And The Dragon - The Turtles

Proclaimed by many as one of the worst recordings ever made,the Turtles preceded to release this little ditty as the  B-side  on the "Sound Asleep" 45 rpm. this  tells the story of Umbassa and his plight to slay a dragon. Mostly made of jungle noises and relentless chanting it may well be the reason Frank Zappa recruited most of the band into his reformed Mothers of Invention  hence giving birth to Flo and Eddie.


Universal Mind Decoder - The Byrds

01 green onions - booker t & the mg's
02 the new breed = ike turner
03 stranger on the shore - acker bilk
04 sleeepwalk - santo & johnny
05 seregetti - grateful dead
06 eucalyptus - odin
07 the peter gunn theme - blues brothers
08 orange blossom special - hellecasters
09 meadowlands - jefferson airplane
10 the ox - who
11 the shape of surf to come - hawaii-samurai
12 sonido amazonico - los mirlos
13 out of limits - marketts
14 bad times - paladin
15 dead man theme - neil young
16 ice - spirit
17 universal mind decoder - byrds
18 forvever autumn - jeff wayne
19 elephant walk - mickey hart
20 early morning - troyka
21 scorpio 6 - satan's pilgrims
22 hole in the wall - packers
23 the happy organ - dave baby cortez
24 telstar - tornados

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


There is nothing new about the music on this post. I pulled it from You Tube a while back/ It is a revisit of Grape songs  by Alexander Mosley. I am making an assumption here that Alexander is related in some way to Bob Mosley. He does a great job of rearranging the music to give us a fresh listen, I added the Spence bonus tracks as a compliment to the music, So Listen My Friends!

1. Place & The Time (Miller-Stevenson)
2. Murder In My Heart For The Judge (Miller-Stevenson) Lead    vocals: Mosley
3. Bitter Wind #1 (Mosley)
4. Dark Magic #0 (Spence)
5. Grape Jam 2 #1/Place & the Time #2 (Moby Grape/Miller-   Stevenson)
6. Bitter Wind #2/Grape Jam 2 #3 (Mosley/Moby Grape)
7. Stop (Lewis)
8. You Can Do Anything (Spence)

1.  He (Lewis)
2.  Looper (Lewis)
3.  Dark Magic #1 (Spence)
4.  Boysenberry Jam #1 (Moby Grape)
5.  Three-Four (Mosley)
6.  Boysenberry Jam #2 (Moby Grape)
7.  Funky-Tunk (Miller-Spence)
8.  Boysenberry Jam #3 (Moby Grape)
9.   The Lake (Moby Grape-M. Hayworth) Vocals Mosley
10. Boysenberry Jam #4 (Moby Grape)
11. Instrumental Rounder (Spence) 
12. Boysenberry Jam #5 (Moby Grape)
13. Miller's Blues (Mosley-Miller) Vocals Mosley

1. Naked, If I Want To (Miller) vocals Mosley
2. Sweet Ride (Never Again) (Moby Grape) vocals on verses    Mosley
3. Motorcycle Irene (Spence)
4. Black Currant Jam #1 (Moby Grape)
5. Loosely Remembered (Mosley)
6. Black Currant Jam #2 (Moby Grape)
7. Never (Mosley)
8. Black Currant Jam #3 (Moby Grape)
9. Skip's Song (Spence)

1. Rounder (Spence)
2. Bitter Wind #3 (Mosley)
3. Marmalade Jam #1 (Moby Grape)
4. Can't Be So Bad (Miller-Stevenson) vocals Stevenson
5. Rose Colored Eyes (Mosley)
6. What's To Choose (Lewis)
7. Seeing (Spence)

1. Dark Magic #2 (Spence)
2. Just Like Gene Autry: A Foxtrot (Spence)

Bonus tracks

Alexander Spence  

After Gene Autry
Motorcycle Irene

Columbia Demos 1968

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Procol Harum  are an English rock band formed in 1967. They contributed to the development of progressive rock, and by extension, symphonic rock. Their best-known recording is their 1967 hit single "A Whiter Shade of Pale", which is considered a classic of popular music and is one of the few singles to have sold over 10 million copies. Although noted for its baroque and classical influence, Procol Harum's music also embraces the blues, R&B and soul.

In October 2012, the band was nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but was unsuccessful.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Venus Retrograde

A retrograde planet means it looks like it's going backwards in the sky for a time, although this is physically based on an optical illusion. 

A nice collection of progressive rock tunes from the first major waves of musicians that projected these astral journeys on our open ears. Dragon art imposed on the above image is a Roger Dean creation. Dean's art would blanket so many progressive album covers.

01  emerson. lake and palmer - peter gunn theme
02  captain beyond - distant sun
03  babe ruth - wells fargo
04  gravy train - staircase to the day
05  pavlov's dog - it's all for you
06  octopus - restless night
07  the nice - america
08  barclay james harvest - child of the universe
09  intergalactic touring band - robot salesmen
10  atomic rooster - tomorrow night
11  odin - tribute to frank
12  camel - freefall
13  curved air - back street luv
14  caravan - surprise surprise
15  paladin = give me your hand
16  rare bird - dollars
17  family - burlesque
18  van der graaf generator - my room(waiting for wonderland)
19  budgie - flowers in the attic
20  pink floyd - a pillow of sand
21  t-rex - slider
22  stawbs - shine on silver sun
23  the flock - big bird
24  king crimson - moonchild

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Truth and Janey was an American rock band from Iowa.It 
took its name from Jeff Beck's Truth album and member Billy 
Janey's last name. The group was influenced by such power 
trios as Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. The band 
toured with Leslie West and performed a music festival with 
Blue Öyster Cult. They were inducted into the Iowa Rock 'n 
Roll Hall of Fame in 2005
The group formed in 1969 originally with drummer John
Fillingsworth. In roughly one year he was replaced by Denis
Bunce. In 1972 they released their debut, a 7-inch 45 rpm, 
"Midnight Horseman" along with a cover of The Rolling Stones
song, "Under My Thumb." The following year they released 
"Straight Eight Pontiac" and "Around and Around" on their own 
Driving Wheel label. By 1976 they had 
recorded No Rest for the Wicked,
which sold only 1,000 copies upon its original release

Just A Little Bit Of Magic (1977)

01. 00:00 - Just A Little Bit Of Magic
02. 05:20 - Set My Soul A Burning
03. 09:01 - It's So Free
04. 12:29 - Can't Judge A Book
05. 16:17 - Big Deal
06. 22:19 - Blowin' In The Wind
07. 25:58 - I've Been Changing
08. 29:03 - Jumpin', Funkin', Bumpin'
09. 34:07 - Eagles Nest / Are We Living In A Dream