Monday, November 24, 2014


I hope you all have a great Holiday. Hope you can spend time with those important people in your life.  If you do not celebrate this holiday please have a great weekend and I wish you the same.


                                          The final studio sessions for  Gypsy.
1975/1976: A new version of Gypsy records one 45 for the DORE’ label.  The two songs, Magic in My Life and Don’t Stop for Nothin’ are both written by Jim Johnson, who also sings lead vocals on both songs.  This version of Gypsy is Jim Johnson on lead vocals and guitar, James Walsh on keyboards and vocals, Lewis Derrey on bass guitar and vocals, Stan Kipper on drums and vocals and Chico Perez on percussion.   Jim Johnson records a second version of Magic in My Life with James Gadson on drums and Chuck Rainey on bass guitar, produced by Michael Stewart.  This version is never released.
Enrico Rosenbaum, along with Jim Johnson and various studio musicians’ record a number of songs written by Enrico, including Dance Marango, none of which are ever released.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


A little while back I put up a couple of comps with the sugar and spice theme. I had a request for a third set' I know it is a long way from Quicksilver but still fun

01 you baby - lovin' spoonful
02 if you and i could be as two - them
03 girl in love - outsiders
04 stop your sobbing  - ola & the janglers
05 if you love her - don & the goodtimes
06 one more time - wayne fontana & the mindbenders
07 letters, pictures. melodies - five americans
08 our love was - who
09 i've gotta get a message to you - bee gees
10 come a little bit closer - jay & the americans
11 i don't care - front line assembly
12 love makes the world go round - hour glass
13 bad to me - billy j kramer & the dakotas
14 still in love with you baby - beau brummels
15 did you ever have to make up your mind - lovin' spoonful
16 i love you more then you'll ever know - blood, sweat & tears
17 she cried - jay & the americans
18 i love you - zombies
19 any way that you want me - liverpool five
20 two by two - left banke
21 sweet girl of mine - cryan' shames
22 only when your lonely - grass roots
23 to be with you - tradewinds
24 happy together - turtles


Got a couple themed comps to squeeze in here

01 you and i - budgie
02 us and them - pink floyd
03 sand and foam - donovan
04 dazed and confused - little joe
05 glitter and gold - turtles
06 up and down - serpent power
07 acapulco gold and silver - quicksilver messenger service
08 lo and behold - mother earth
09 incense and peppermints - strawberry alarm clock
10 samson and delilah - grateful dead
11 blue skies and sunshine - loose gravel
12 movin' and groovin' - cowslingers
13 cops and robbers - rolling stones
14 hot smoke and sassafras - bubble puppy
15 sweet and sour - sawbuck
16 jaguar and thunderbird - wayne fontana & the mindbenders
17 love and war - neil young
18 protect and serve - linn county
19 bartenders and their wives - left banke
20 hot dog and the hamburger - barry melton
21 thoughts and words - byrds
22 twist and shout - david lindley & el rayo ex
23 the place and the time - moby grape
24 fruit and icebergs - blue cheer

Thursday, November 20, 2014


                                                                      Updated Link

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


A few days ago I received this file from one of my readers. I had posted this show a very long time ago but this one deserves another listen . The sound quality is upgraded tremendously from previous posting and it includes the "who do you love" track which had been omitted  previously.I upgraded the artwork from a picture I had for a while. A big Thank You to Nikola Josic for sending me this great show. All Quick is surely appreciated.

Quicksilver Messenger Service
Winterland, San Francico, CA 

01 Fresh Air 
02 Mona 
03 Baby, Baby 
04 Gypsy Lights 
05 Heebie Jeebies 
06 Cowboy On The Run 
07 Bittersweet Love
08 They Don't Know
09 Play My Guitar
                                                 10 What About Me                                                     
11 Freeway Flyer
12 Worryin' Shoes
13 Who Do You Love
tt: 1:27:16

Dino Valenti - Guitar, Vocals 
John Cipollina - Guitar, Vocals 
Gary Duncan - Guitar, Vocals
Skip Olsen - Bass, Vocals
Michael Lewis - Keyboards
Greg Elmore - Drums

Sunday, November 16, 2014


One last post about Cipollina . Here is a comp of some of John's work. Some you may recognize, some maybe not.I tried to include different tunes that would showcase his guitar work, songwriting and involvement with the many bands he either founded or participated in. John played in so many bands it is hard to cover them all/ Here is a great article about John 

01 maiden of the cancer moon - classic cut from "happy trails"
02 babe,i'm gonna leave you
03 codine - 2 and 3 from the soundtrack "revolution" early qms
04 the fool - extraordinary instrumental from qms first lp
05 heebie jeebies - john's. contribution to the "solid silver" lp
06 cobra - from " just for love " lp   one of john.s signature songs
07 local color - instrumental from "what about me"
08 fossil fuel - another  instrumental- "dinosaurs"
09 walkin' the plank - terry and the pirates instrumental
10 babe. i'm gonna leave you (live)
11 codine (live) both of these live cuts recorded with the welsh band man
12 true golden touch
13 unvicious circle
14 rock and roll nurse
15 ride(the highway song) 12=15 Raven studio work
16 mona - thunder and lightning with nick gravenites
17 spin spin - copperhead 
18 it's your monkey now
19 move over
20 fever dreams -18-20 from lp "it's not my fault by problem child
21 silverado trail - terry and the pirates lp of the same name
22 they're playing rock and roll in heaven - the novato frank band
23 pride of man - dinosaurs featuring suzy fischer on vocals
24 mona - dinosaurs