Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Clarence and Roscoe in the background "The Men From Earth"

Hailing from the Ozark Mountain area of Missouri the Devils were great at their craft of bringing a rural feel to it's own brand of country rock. They were extremely popular in the mid west U.S. for several years and even had a national hit with the tune "Jackie Blue"
Luster Orville was my father's name and he was from that same vein of men from earth out of rural Missouri' I always think of him when I see these gentlemen and their simple way of life.

The Band:
* Buddy Brayfield - keyboards, oboe
* Steve Cash - harp, persission. vocals
* Randle Chowning - lead guitar, vocals
* John Dillon - guitar, fiddle, mandolin, mouthbow,vocals
* Michael "Supe" Granda - bass, vocals
* Larry Lee - drums, percussion, accoustic guitar, vocals

The Songs:
1.Country Girl
2. Spaceship Orion
3. If You Wanna Get To Heaven
4. Chicken Train
5. Colorado Song
6. Standing On The Rock
7. Road To Glory
8. Black Sky
9. Within Without
10. Beauty In The River


Anonymous said...

Hi from Cy
It's own up time. My study once adorned this album sleeve and their 'It'll Shine When It Shines' sleeve, both retrieved from a concert display board in the Usher Hall Edinburgh. The Ozarks live were simply magical. The following Monday we rushed to the store to buy both the albums and the Car Over the Lake, which had just been released.
Magical? well the Ozarks had that homely atmosphere built on strong family bonds, a bit like the Almans but unlike the Almans, the Ozarks seemed to be high on life rather than high on frying their brains.
When I close my eyes, I am back there in the front stalls as the Ozarks brought on all of their wives and children to offer an encore of 'Will the Circle Remain Unbroken', twang never got it better for me than in that moment.
Cy from Pck.

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