Monday, August 17, 2009


The birth of country rock. Where do you start? There has always been a song here and there that flirted with this premise. There has always been rockabilly as in country singers who could do some rock and roll. But when the " longhairs" began to dabble in country a new music type was born. Many believe that this band fronted by Gram Parsons brought the genre to a serious level. One after another the psychedelic longhairs began picking up new instruments and began making them a part of their sound. The International Submarine Band has a great psychedelic ring to it,however it is a true country rock LP almost all the way through,This album was cut in early 1967 and as mentioned before was lead by Gram Parsons ( a country star in true form in the body of a psychedelic rocker) Before this LP even made it to the streets Gram had moved on and taken his country background to the Byrds changing their sound almost overnight with the Sweetheart LP

1. Blue Eyes
2. I Must Have Been Somebody Else You've Known
3. Satisfied Mind, A
4. Folsom Prison Blues / That's All Right
5. Miller's Cave
6. I Still Miss Someone
7. Luxury Liner
8. Strong Boy
9. Do You Know How It Feels To Be Lonesome?


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