Friday, August 21, 2009


After taking the Beau Brummels to the pop/folk psychedelic edge, producer Lenny Waronker took the band to Nashville, literally. Possibly influenced by the Byrds Sweetheart experiments, the group (now down to just Sal Valentino on vocals and Ron Elliott on guitars) wedded with Nashville's finest, including guitarist Jerry Reed and drummer Kenneth A. Buttrey, both veterans of Dylan's Nashville sessions. These players were not just good musicians, but musicians, easily embellishing the Elliott/Valentino duo as if they had been playing with the two for years, not days. The resulting masterpiece, no doubt due to the awesome Brummels original songs (especially "Cherokee Girl," "Turn Around," and "Deep Water"), is a virtual tapestry in country and rock.

1 Turn Around
2 An Added Attraction (Come and See Me)
3 Deep Water 4 Long Walking Down to Misery
5 Little Bird
6 Cherokee Girl
7 I'm a Sleeper
8 Loneliest Man in Town
9 Love Can Fall a Long Way Down
10 Jessica
11 Bless You California


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