Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Tripsichord grew out of group called The Ban who were formed in the Santa Barbara area in 1965. The group moved to Los Angeles and changed their name to Now. They moved to the Bay Area in 1967 and changed their name to Tripsichord Music Box. Their first recordings, made at the end of 1967, appeared on the San Francisco Sound compilation Fifth Pipe Dream. They shortened their name to Tripsichord sometime in 1970. The group recorded the material for their only album in 1969 but it was not released until 1971.

  • On The Last Ride (Zandonatti / Carr)
  • We Have Passed Away (Carr)
  • Black Door (Carr)
  • The New Word (Zandonatti)
  • Son Of The Morning (Zandonatti)
  • Short Order Steward (Zandonatti)
  • The Narrow Gate (Zandonatti)
  • Fly Baby (Carr)
  • Everlasting Joy (Zandonatti / Carr)

  • Randy Gordon - drums
  • Oliver McKinney - keyboards
  • Frank Straight - lead guitar
  • Dave Zandonatti - bass
  • B. Carr - guitar, vocals


Anonymous said...

Hi from Cy
What a wonderful record. Like Womb it acted as a true Time Machine as it took me from my place here in 2009 to sit me on the frets of the truly magnificant guitar playing of the players.
I had heard of this band, way back then, but here on this side of the pond, never saw a copy.
24hrdejavu is THE place to find the true guitar heroes and this bunch of 'son of the guns' could really rock it as they jiggled around with our brains?
WOW, what a fantastic posting.
Cy from Pck.

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