Saturday, October 24, 2009


The Fudge ...very strange in their own way. They seemed to have a really different approach to the music they played. They mostly took other people's music( and they seemed to like the Supremes} and re- structured it to their own format. Unique in it's approach, this one does give us some original material by the band.Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice both went on to successful careers with Cactus , Jeff Beck and more.But for some strange reason always returned to their Vanilla Fudge beginnings.
I believe this was their last original LP before embarking on the nostalgia trail . In 2007 they did make a tribute LP to Led Zeppelin (once again covering other's material) One word covers their career....


stuckinthe70s said...

thanks - steve

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon, I never took offense at your or any comments,each unto their own eh?
Hey I've suffered/enjoyed the many 'techy' changes that 'Hawkwind' have gone through since their early acoustic 'Hurry on Sundown', through the 80's synths and the 90's dance beats to what they are today.
The problem being when our faves go with the flow to remain 'relevant' coming on as if they are jumping on the bandwagon. Groups like The Pretty Things have worn so many masks YET can still play a blistering 'Rosalyn' or 'Don't Bring Me Down'.
It's weird but as I've aged going 'retro' for the 60's definitely gives a different glow than for the 80's, eh?
Have a great day Anon and Bill too of course.
Cy from Pck.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, yep I knew right off when I first discovered your blog that you were a fan of the Peace by Piece album.
Lots of good stuff on that one.
A fave is the tune "Midnight Sun".

I only have it on cassette as mentioned prev.
Any chance of you uploading the album?
If so I would be very grateful.

Eric the poster formerly known as "anon Fudge Mystery basher".
Hey! that would make a good name for a song title :D
I'm a musician so I tend to think like that out loud.

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