Thursday, December 3, 2009


Jack Traylor.....English Teacher, Rock Musician, and friend of Paul Kantner. Jefferson Airplane truly made this Grunt enterprise a family affair. Seemed that everyone had imput and support from the Airplane family. Jack contributed songs to "Sunfighter" ( Earth Mother} and He and his band Steelwind are credited with the song "Flowers in the Night" on the Baron Von Tollbooth LP. This Lp is his only release and the Airplane gave him the opportunity to do it on the Grunt label. It is a pretty good LP overall and it features Jack and Steelwind. Craig Chaquico future Starshiper is the lead guitarist and I understand was one of Jacks students when he was asked to join Steelwind. David Freiberg lent his support to this LP also.


Anonymous said...

Te sample track sounds great, and I'd love to hear this album, but Megaupload says that the track is temporarily unavailable :-(
Thanks as always for your excellent and distinctive blog.

Anonymous said...

OOPS!! Two minutes later the file was available. I guess I didn't take temporarily literally enough. Looking forward to this and thanks again.

Unknown said...

evening 24hrDejavu from Perth, Western Australia.
what are the chances of re-activating this gem.
someone told .me it was worth a good listen, many thanks if possible, Pete

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