Sunday, January 3, 2010


Jimi Hendrix and Arthur Lee were good friends. When Love was in the process of making the False Start Lp Arthur invited Jimi to sit in on some of the sessions. It is really unknown to as to how many or when he actually did. Different sources give different stories. We all know that Jimi did end up on the Everlasting First track of that Lp. The sessions were at the Olympic Studios in London in March of 70. I took the bootleg Midnight Sun and the Blue Thumb Acetates and combined them to create this post. Tracks 1-8 are from the Midnight Sun Boot It is for sure that these tracks were recorded by the newly reformed Love. Sound quality is fair at best so take them as they are.Tracks 9-12 are are the sessions that are circulating around as the Blue Thumb sessions and track 13 is the final lp version of The Everlasting First . All of these sessions were done at Olympic.


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