Friday, November 7, 2014


John's last public gigs were May 8 at the Chi Chi Club with Terry & the Pirates, and on May 13 at the Saloon with Fish'n'Chip.
On May 28, 1989 John passed away due to respiratory failure. On June 28 a tribute concert was held at the Fillmore Auditorium. The capacity crowd filled the hall to hear the dozens of musicians pay tribute to John including Peter Albin, Greg Anton, Antonia Cipollina, Mario Cipollina, Chris Cole, Terry Dolan, Spencer Dryden, Greg Elmore, John Farey, Martine Fierro, David Freiberg, Nick Gravenites, Dan Healy, Nicky Hopkins, Robert Hunter, Doug Killmer, Steve Kimock, Paul Liberatore, Barry Melton, Merl Saunders, Pete Sears, Mark Unobsky, Al Staehely, Rocky Sullivan, David Weber and others, who rocked the roof off the Fillmore.

John Cipollina spent the better part of his life doing what he knew best - playing guitar. When John played, his body, mind and guitar became as one. His style of playing was unique. John created an original sound that would become his signature trademark, making him one of the most identifiable guitarists in the history of rock'n'roll. ( Mike Somaville)


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Thanks a lot for the re-up. A fantastic recording to be enjoyed with a single malt whisky in my most comfortable armchair. Cheers.
// Lars

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