Sunday, July 29, 2012



COLD BLOOD (FM off-air master reel)


1. You Got Me Hummin' (5:00)
2. Too Many People (4:51)
3. Lo And Behold (4:42)
4. Let Me Down Easy (5:25)
5. Monkey On My Back (8:22)
6. KSAN announcement (1:34)
7. Real Good Thing (5:35) w/The Stanton Brothers


1. Watch Your Step (9:53)
2. Shop Talk (8:17)
3. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free (8:15
) 4. Understanding (6:21) --abrupt start
5. I Just Wanna Make Love To You (11:52)
6. I'm A Good Woman (2:53) --abrupt start


Eric said...

Excellent singer who wasn't a screamer (hey that kinda rhymed :P ).
Seriously, Lydia Pense possessed great tonal control, emoting much without falling into the cliche' of "let me show you just how soulful I can be" (i.e.grating on one's nerves) which many of her peers tended to do.
I'll have to grab this one.

warlock said...

I believe that if she hadn't been under the shadow of Janis,she would have been a major star. Watch her on the Fillmore video. The lady is sexy as heck and kicks butt at the same time! THANKS for this one!!!! PS: the whole Cipollina theme ROCKS!

Ronnie D said...

Could you please repost this I love Cold Blood!

Ronnie D said...

Got it! Thank you very much. The song Watch Your Step is killer! :)

Mystere2 said...

Is link to megaupload only?

24HOURDEJAVU said...

All links from Megaupload have been diabled

Anonymous said...

So happy that I found you again. I missed you when you last retired. Welcome back. Now, I gotta check out some music!

bd said...

Hello, hope you are doing as best as you can.

So much wonderful music here, and this one....well, it would be great to hear. Would it be possible to repost it, it seems the links are dead.

I'll check back from time-to-time, and thank you for sharing such a treasure of sounds from a fabulous time in rock music.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Bd I will try to re post for you asap Bill

bd said...

Thank you Bill, groovin; to some Blood with the lovely Lydia...what a special band they were. What a special time and great to be celebrated in your pages.


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