Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Here is a repost of one from early 2009 Mistress was a trio of rockers from the San Francisco Bay Area, and they were considered a hot prospect in 1973-74. The band included Greg Douglass (later of Steve Miller and Greg Kihn fame) on guitar, Brian Kilcourse on bass/vocals, and Bill Baron on drums. Greg and Bill had played with Country Weather, who had gigged regularly at the famed Fillmore Auditorium for years. Brian was (as one reviewer put it) "every mother's son". Mistress played throughout California and the West until mid-'74, when Greg went on to play with Van Morrison and Hot Tuna, and ultimately with the Steve Miller Band. In 1973-4, Mistress recorded the album FREE FLYTE, released in Germany in 1996 under the Taxim label.The sessions that comprise this ten-cut album are all previously unreleased and date back to San Francisco, 1973. It's a shame they have been such a well-kept secret-Mistress had great potential, which is evidenced by the slightly Who-influenced cut "Paul," the more flowing, melodic 'Bullets' and the title cut. The opening "All Worth The Price You Pay" is tight and features an exquisite, long solo fade-out by Douglass."


Anonymous said...

Too many years ago I saw The Ramones open for Mistress at the Keystone Palo Alto Club. Dave Walker was singing and they were a five piece band at the time. When Dave's in the band here comes some blooze rawk English style no matter who's playing. They were great. Never saw they're like again in these parts. Keep up the great work.

thominbc said...

any chance of a re up ? .. thanks

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