Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Original poster and LP artwork by Rick Griffin
This micro glitter image by Carolynn Travis

A review from the archive site.......
Reviewer: L. Rosley

August 12, 2005
Subject: An under-rated studio effort
Wake of the Flood is probably the most under-rated of the Dead studio efforts. The Stella Blue compares well to live performances, and has the advantage of studio-quality mixing and vocals, but is not over-produced. The Weather Report Suite sparkles, and Mississippi and Row Jimmy are classic '70s Jerry. Eyes is way too short, but we do get some intricate ensemble playing. (Sing Your Blues Away is the weak spot.)

This collection of outtakes is not only historically interesting, but has some very good performances. The two Stellas and the Here Comes Sunshine are as complete and as good as the album versions. Also a great Weather Report Suite. We also get some Jerry solos not found on the album.

But don't be satisfied with this download. No studio Dead collection is complete without Wake of the Flood.


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