Thursday, October 7, 2010


Pigpen recorded several songs for an album which never was released. These include "C.C. Rider" and "Bring Me My Shotgun", recorded in 1970. In February, 1973, he recorded a Lightning Hopkins song, "She's Mine", as well as "I Believe", "Like A Long Time", and "Michael", at his apartment in Corte Madera, CA. ... Another song, intended for the solo album, was the Clancy Carlile song "I'm A Loving Man", which was recorded in 1969 at Pacific High Recording, located on Brady Alley just off Market, in San Francisco
It appears that the bulk of the songs were recorded around 1970 (though they are sometimes wrongly dated as 1966). They are often labeled as "Apartment Demo," "Pigpen Studio Demos" or "Pigpen Acoustic Demos." "I Believe," "She's Mine" and "Looks Like A Long Time" come from 1973; and "Sweet Georgia Brown" and "Betty and Dupree" are from a recording with Jorma Kaukonen from 1964


1. Two Women 4:24
. Michael 4:51
. Katie Mae 2:53
. New Orleans -> That Train 9:02
. Instrumental 1:39
. Bring Me My Shotgun 2:41
C.C. Rider 4:09
8. Katie Mae 4:20
9. Hitchhiking Woman 3:16
10. Two Women 5:18
11. When I was a Boy 1:25
12. Bring Me My Shotgun 3:10
13. I Believe 2:03
14. She's Mine 3:39
15. No Time 6:44
16. Sweet Georgia Brown -> Betty and Dupree 4:50


DickGreenleaf said...

I think you mean Brady Street, not Ally. It's between Gough St and 12th St, just off Market.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I think this was the last post I saw before you "went away" for awhile. I am sooo glad to see this blog back, so I can get an occaisional shot of good 'ole San Fran music. Always look forward to almost any Quicksilver/Cipollina; Moby Grape, or Jeff Air posts as well as the interesting descriptions that go with them.

Anonymous said...

Any chance at re posting? Much appreciated.

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