Monday, December 20, 2010


I do not know anything about this one short set here. It is a partial show. The sound is fair. Dino is crooning like a lounge act on this one. From the waning days of 73 the band sounds truly like it is about to go under. By this time in OMO they should have dropped WDYL in their rotation and concentrared more on Dino's originals

1 Losing hand
2 Play My Guitar
3 Mojo
4 What About Me> The Hat
5. Who Do You Love


Anonymous said...

Great show!! Thanks!! Dino is the best!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Not a bad show at all. Tracks 3,4,&5 are all one very looonngg set/ jam and have some good moments. Lots of info on this over at Wolfgang's Vault. This is much better than the Feb '71 Swing Aud. show, partly because John C. is back.

Anonymous said...

John C. not back, оly Gary here.
From my point of view group did not loose too much mith departure of John.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. A recent amazing video of WDYL from this show clearly shows John C. on this song. Either way check this b/w video out now!!! You will be riveted. Hope more from this show surfaces on video. Oh yeah, it's on Youtube. All 19 minutes!

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