Sunday, December 5, 2010


1. Mona
2. Smokestack Lightning
3. Who Do You Love
4. Suzy-Q

5. (I) Get In Trouble * N. Gravenites
Recorded live in the Studio 8-20-68.
Written by Nick Gravenites but never before released.

6. Stand By Me - A-side single
This was the "A" side of a 45 rpm release. It was backed by Bears.
This is an early Dino Valenti ballad.

7. Bears - B-Side single (Bonus Track)

Recorded live at the Winterland, San Francisco, CA, USA November 7-10, 1968
except * Golden State Recorders, San Francisco August '68

Italian Bootleg CD


Anonymous said...

Those "Mona" and "Who Do You Love" that were on Happy Trails?

Anonymous said...

what kind of file is this? it will not open or play

24HRDEJAVU said...

Actually the recordings for Happy Trails came from a series of shows during this time frame. I have read that the Happy Trails sessions were culled from several different sources and there very well could be some traces on this bootleg

24HRDEJAVU said...

I have rechecked the download and I had no problems opening and playing the files Sorry

Anonymous said...

it is not a .rar file. and i have a megaupload prem. account. all other files here come over as a .rar ok. this one is not a .rar. it doesn't say what it is under properties. just "file". anybody else get this?

Anonymous said...

Thanks again. The real rarity on here is "I Get In Trouble". I've never seen this one anywhere else. The two sides of the 45 are pretty rare too. Keep the QMS coming please!

El Guajolote said...

Hi, can you re-upload it? thanks!

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