Wednesday, December 8, 2010


As most of you know (who have checked in on my site )you will realize that QMS is one of my favorite bands. I was impressed at an early stage by their first LP. The song The Fool was a song written by Gary Duncan and David Freiberg. It showcased the guitar work of Cipollina and Duncan. Freiberg's bass underlines the whole score.Quicksilver played some incredible music in their early stages and The Fool made a big impact on my delving into the San Francisco music scene. I have chosen to highlight this song on a comp. Versions from an early QMS session to the final release on the first lp( with a few side trips into some live versions)

Can you hear it in the morning, it sings the golden song,
I saw his moving ever on the run, from and to the sound of one
Turning in, turning out, spirals high, never down,
Wonder, wonder wanders, loving, loving lovers,
Freefall, tumbling walls, one world, one one truth,
If if it's above life is low, life is slow,
Love is life, it's love, love

Original Posting 11-09


warlock said...

You had to know you'd get heaps of praises from me for this one. Another wonderful start to a weekend!!! Thank you much, my friend

Anonymous said...

Nice one! Thanks!
Love the early QMS.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Cy
I've downloaded your 'archival compilation of the Fool'.
This looks a pretty neat idea and I am sure it will refocus my attention on 'one' of QMS's 'tower songs'.
I did something similar last year by compiling all the versions of 'Visions of Johanna' from His Bobness archives and it was just pure joy hearing them strung together.

Respect from Pck

Jon said...

I have only three words to describe all the exquisite QMS you have provided and your blog in general: OUT-FREAKING-STANDING!!!
Thank you and keep 'em comin!

Jon (hippiesrus)

Anonymous said...

It appears as if your compilation is making the rounds. I didn't get this other one yet to compare so I don't know about the second disc but the first disc looks identical to this one.
This link should take you there.



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