Friday, January 7, 2011


Pardon my pun here but we are going to ride this horse a bit longer. This post is some tracks taken fron the 12CD Bootleg called "Capture The Horse" created by Mark Dubbelman several
years back, This bootleg is devoted to the Neil and Horse team.(Claiming to be a version of every song that Neil had played with Crazy Horse up until that time) When Neil worked with Crazy Horse during those great years some of his most explosive music was created.

Homegrown 5:22
Downtown 6:05
Cowgirl In The Sand 9:46
Love To Burn 14:09
Stupid Girl 3:25
Don't Spook The Horse 9:09
Cortez The Killer 22:15
Powderfinger 9:13


the Armadillo Rekkons said...

Thought i would come back somewhere near this Neil Beginning. This is REALLY something special, and i figure you must be a SPECIAL person. i hope your days are GOOD DAYS. - you deserve it. Thank You Very Much. ~ A.Wrekk

JLJR said...

Thanks for this extremely tasty selection of tunes
from Capture The Horse. It's rare to see Crazy Horse
doing songs from Mirror Ball and this version of Downtown
is great to hear. Cowgirl is incredible. If you ever want
to put up a sequel to this, I won't complain.

tonmac said...

I appreciate your commitment to NY music.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a repost please?

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