Thursday, January 13, 2011


Pearl Jam and Neil Young have been collaborating since at least 1992 when Pearl Jam and Neil played separately at the Bob Dylan tribute ("BobFest") at Madison Square Garden in New York City on October 16. It is believed that this is when Neil and Eddie Vedder first met and possibly Neil invited Pearl Jam to play at the Bridge School Benefit concert. on 11/1/92.

A few weeks later Pearl Jam would play the Bridge School concert and mark the beginning of a long and productive relationship. Since their initial meeting, Pearl Jam's music has been heavily influenced by Neil Young as demonstrated by their numerous covers of Young songs. For example, Pearl Jam has covered "Rockin In The Free World" over 100 times, often as final encores, according to the Pearl Jam fan site Lukin.

A year later, Neil would join Pearl Jam onstage at the MTV Music Awards on 9/2/93 to play an incendiary Rockin in The Free World. Critics would call the onstage interplay the highlight of an otherwise lackluster affair. The attention gained from "BobFest" and playing with Pearl Jam would introduce Neil to a new generation of admirers.

It is likely that during this period that Young invited Eddie Vedder to induct him into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame the following year.

And once again at this past Octobers' Bridge School Concert the flame reunited with Pearl Jam joined by Neil to do the tune "Walk With Me " from the Neil's latest CD "Le Noise"

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco June 24, 1995

Disc 1

1. Big Green Country
2. Act Of Love
3. Peace And Love
4. Rockin' In The Free World
5. Last Exit
6. Spin The Black Circle
7. Go
8. Animal
9. Tremor Christ

Disc 2

1. Downtown
2. Cortez The Killer
3. Throw Your Hatred Dowm
4. Powderfinger
5. Truth Be Known
6. Needle And The Damage Done
7. I'm The Ocean
8. Hey Hey, My My
9. Down By The River
10. Rockin' In The Free world


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