Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I would be amiss if I did not mention "the other group" that emerged from the Blues Project.
Al Kooper wanted to add horns to the Blues Project but he was met with great resistance by the other members of the band(especially Kalb) So Kooper and Steve Katz departed and formed Blood, Sweat and Tears. Their first LP is outstanding but Kooper was fired from the band and from that point on the music took another direction for BST. In my opinion it went downhill but who am I to say because they went on to enjoy enormous commercial success. This one is supposedly the only known live recording Of Blood,Sweat & Tears with Al Kooper as a member
Thanks to the original uploader for this one and it is rather rare. So much for BST.

Blood Sweat & Tears w/ Al Kooper
The Psychedelic Supermarket
Boston, Massachusetts
February 23rd, 1968
Audience Recording

Al Kooper - Organ, Vocals
Steve Katz - Guitar, Vocals
Jim Fielder - Bass
Bobby Colomby - Drums
Fred Lipsius - Alto Sax
Dick Halligan - Trombone
Jerry Weiss - Trumpet
Randy Brecker - Trumpet

1. More & More
2. You’ve Made Me So Very Happy> I Love You More
Than You'll Ever Know
3. Morning Glory
4. Camile
5. Smiling Phases
6. Somethin’ Goin’ On


roger said...

thanx bill for your kind words, my wife and i have been enjoying this box set so much that i wanted to share this with all fans of this music, brings back the feelings of that time for us. i grabed the bst, i agree, after al left it was truly downhill, but i guess everybody wants breakfast in the morning and success buys bacon and eggs, oh well. thanx from roger@solarmusic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! This really is a rarity. I also lost interest after Al left or was fired. He supposedly turned down a copy of this show. The Blues Project show @ The Matrix is also great and sounds great.

Anonymous said...

The song list suggests to me that David Clayton Thomas is the vocalist on this and not Al Kooper.

Anonymous said...

This show has finally been re-posted at Guitars101:


I had requested it here, and now that is not necessary. Thanks to 24hrdejavu for considering my request for a re-post here.

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