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This is one ass-kicking band!

By 1980, Starr had formed a new band in Wisconsin called GREY STAR, playing all new original songs sometimes with 5 part harmony vocals, and laid down a two song demo recorded with BLUE OYSTER CULT producer Murray Krugman.
Grey Star toured about 300 days a year in 1980 and '81, taking a break in July of 1981 to record their "Grey Star" album. The album was released with financial help from a friend of the band in November of '81, with only a few thousand copies pressed which the band sold at their shows.
In 1982 the band signed a management contract with Charlie Brusco in Atlanta, he was the manager of the Outlaws and is the current manger of Lynrd Skynrd. Though he was unable to get the band a record deal he did help expand their bookings in the south. Charlie was also able to get the band a gig with the Who in December of 1981 when they played to 10,000 people in their hometown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Ruby Starr - Vocals
Mike Grey - Vocals
Fred Hodnik - Guitars/Keyboards/Vocals
Robb Hanshaw - Bass/Keyboards/Vocals
Mudslide - Drums/Vocals

1. Start Up A New Day
2. Piece Of My Heart
3. Don't Go And Leave Me
4. For You
5. Confidence
6. You Never Learn
7. Guaranteed To Please
8. Silhouette
9. Here Comes That Feeling


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