Monday, February 7, 2011


The Ruby-Grey-Star post is now complete. I will have to say that this one is tremendous. The Grey-Star LP from 1981 was really just a myth to me until just recently. I had heard a couple of cuts off it when surfing You Tube. Ruby does her version of "Piece Of My Heart" and Janis needs to give this woman some room to breathe. This may be the only version that I have ever heard that gives the great Janis a run for her money. Ruby's vocals are 100% on here and the "Guaranteed To Please" cut is pure perfection BUT the cut that is the most amazing is the song
"Silhouette" This song should have been a hit for Grey-Star and Ruby. This song will be Ruby's signature song for those of us who know how much talent she had. Pardon my language but .....
Fuck that Jim Dandy thing. This is Ruby Starr in her finest moment!
She had no hits She had a very short career. She was truly 100 lbs of woman and was a front runner for many female vocalists to come later. She fits the bill as " The Rose" of the mid west and her abilities as a vocalist could only have been matched by her fiery stage presence


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