Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It was a long standing dream for the band to play at the base of the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt . This one of the three nights performances( 9-14-78.) For all final conclusions these three shows were not among the Dead's best performances. But how many other bands would take on this challenge. It was most certainly a cosmic event.

1. Introduction Hamza El-Dim
2. Anubian Folk Song
3. Upper And Lower Song Of Egypt
4. Dead Join Hamza
5. Not Fade Away
6. Me And My Uncle
7. They Love Each Other
8. New Minglewood Blues

Disc 2

1. Peggy O
2. Beat It On Down The Line
3. Deal
4. Sugaree
5. Samson And Delilah

Disc 3

1. Scarlett Begonias>
2. Fire On The Mountain
3. Truckin'>
4. The Other One>
5. Drums>
6. Space>
7. Black Peter
8. Around And Around


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