Saturday, March 12, 2011


Years before Willie Nelson called it home, and decades before South By Southwest gave it international hip cache, Austin was Texas’ only hippie-tolerant city. It had bohemian coffee houses and clubs that served up psychedelic bands playing in front of mind-bending light shows. So is it any wonder that Austin was the first city in Texas to really take a shine to the Good Ol’ Grateful Dead? BlairJackson

Recorded Live At Manor Downs, Austin Texas
October 12, 1977

01 Promised Land
02 They Love Each Other
03 Me & My Uncle
04 Candyman
05 Passenger
06 Brown Eyed Women
07 El Paso
08 Friend Of The Devil
09 Lazy Lightning--
10 Supplication
11 Deal
12 Samson & Delilah
13 Tennessee Jed

01 Estimated Prophet--
02 He's Gone--
03 Drums--
04 The Other One--
05 Black Peter--
06 Truckin'--
07 Nobody's Fault But Mine--
08 Iko Iko--
09 Sugar Magnolia
10 Johnny B. Goode


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