Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Berkeley Community Theater
Berkeley, CA
November 2, 1984

Disc 1
1. Jack Straw>
2. Peggy-O
3. El Paso
4. Loser
5. Smokestack Lightning>
6. Spoonful>Smokestack Lightnin
7. AIko AIko

Disc 2
1. Help on the Way>
2. Slipknot!>
3. Franklin's Tower>
4. Lost Sailor>
5. Saint of Circumstance>
6. Wharf Rat>
7. Gimme Some Lovin'>
8. Drums>

Disc 3
1. Space>
2. Playing in the Band Reprise>
3. Bertha>
4. Good Lovin'

5. Casey Jones


roger said...

bill i was wondering if you could post Grateful Dead Reno Centennial Coliseum 3-13-1982, thanx for all your great posts, Roger@solarmusic.

AZ Jones said...

It's Dark Star shine, if you are quoting the lyric in Saint of Circumstance. "I never could read no road map, and i don't know what the weather might do. But when that rich wind whines and I see that Dark Star shine Ive got a feeling there is no time to loose, no time to loose.

24HRDEJAVU said...

Dog star
The star is Sirius , often used as a navigational aid by sailors, because of its brightness. ( from the Lost Sailor Barlow lyrics)

The line has frequently been misconstrued as "Where's the Dark Star?" There's even an entry for this in Skeleton Key, which serves as an opening for a mini-essay, with examples, of the wonderful opportunities for mis-hearing the words of Grateful Dead songs.
I thought it was great title to the post seeing how if you look up the lyrics on line even they misconstrue the words For us who have been listening all there years it will always be "Dark Star"

Thanks for comments I appreciate hearing from my fellow listeners

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