Thursday, March 10, 2011


There many folks out there that try to analyze what year the Grateful Dead played to their full capability and consistently. By 73 they were on target but my vote goes to 1977 when in my own opinion they were at their absolute best. Listen to this early one from Feb of that year and tell me what you think . There are so many great shows for 77. A lot of those shows are in circulation as the Betty Boards and their quality is excellent It is quite impressive to open the show with Terrapin Station being it was a brand new song

Swing Auditorium
San Bernadino, CA

Set I
Terrapin Station
Minglewood Blues
They Love Each Other
Estimated Prophet
Mama Tried
Playing In The Band >
The Wheel >
Playing In The Band

Set II
Samson & Delilah
Tennessee Jed
The Music Never Stopped
Help On The Way->
Franklin’s Tower
Promised Land
Eyes Of The World->
Dancin’ In The Streets->
Around & Around

U.S. Blues

First time they played Terrapin Station and Estimated Prophet


Anonymous said...

Very nice!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one. I was there. Didn't know it was the FIRST Terrapin. I do remember being somewhat captivated by the song and also wondering part way through if they were still playing the same song, not learning until months later when the album came out what it was I had heard that night.

The details of this show have gotten somewhat fuzzy over the years but I always thought of it as one of my favorite shows. Probably my 4th at the time. I even mailed in a CD insert requesting it from Dick's Picks. They didn't hear me but now I can hear this and see if I was right.

By the way. Back then The Swing Auditorium looked like an airplane hanger with some kind of tinsel hanging from the rafters that looked left over from the 2nd world war and the seats were like high school bleachers. But the sound system was good. It has sense been rebuilt after a small plane crashed into it.


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