Sunday, March 20, 2011


Aladdin Hotel Theater - Las Vegas, NV August 31, 1981

Set 1:

d1t01 - Feel Like A Stranger
d1t02 - Jack-A-Roe ->
d1t03 - El Paso
d1t04 - Candyman ->
d1t05 - Little Red Rooster
d1t06 - Loser
d1t07 - Cassidy
d1t08 - Althea
d2t01 - Let It Grow ->
d2t02 - Deal

Set 2:

d2t03 - Lost Sailor ->
d2t04 - Saint Of Circumstance ->
d2t05 - Scarlet Begonias ->
d2t06 - Fire On The Mountain
d3t01 - Playing In The Band ->
d3t02 - Drums ->
d3t03 - Space ->
d3t04 - Never Trust A Woman ->
d3t05 - Morning Dew ->
d3t06 - Playing In The Band Reprise ->
d3t07 - Around And Around ->
d3t08 - Johnny B. Goode

d3t09 - U.S. Blues


AZ Jones said...

This Show is HOT! Brent, just started playing Good Times only two shows before this at Long Beach. Nice post.

roger said...

this was one of my favorite shows bill, funny ive been listening to this one a lot lately, i like your cover art, superb, kim and i went over to see wayne, he ran a used record store and we are collectors, so we chit chat smoke a little in the back and just hang out in the store when in walks a man with a briefcase, inside he had bundles of greatful dead tickets for the aladdin show, gave wayne a bundle and left, turns out wayne would be selling tickets for the show from his record store, wayne looked at me and kim and said, were do you guys want to sit, in his bundle he had all the tickets for the orchestra pit which of course is right in front of the stage, we got choice seats, we all dropped acid and smoked out, i had my feet on the edge of the stage in front of jerry puffin on a fat one and to say the least we all went to heaven, the aladdin shows were some of the best i attended, vegas, what a place to see the dead, but they love vegas, every year at the silver bowl for three days, bill did you see any of vegas shows? hey we might have been at same show ya never know, i may be a little long winded with my story hope you dont mind, thanx bill for this post, Roger@solarmusic.

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