Monday, March 28, 2011


From Chicago's Electric Theater comes this piece that is from the band while at it's most psychedelic. This one features cuts from their first LP, Anthem and Aoxomoxoa and the usual Dead selections by Pigpen. An added attraction is the only known performance of "What's Become Of The Baby?"(to the best of my knowledge) This one is a remarkable show with the Dead in their psychedelic world before beginning the transition to the more lyrical group that would surface on American Beauty and Workingman's Dead. Original Zap Comix artwork by the Legendary Rick Griffin and it serves well with this post as it comes from that "we ate the acid' time frame with it's eyeballs,bones and beetles that seemed to populate his artwork at that time.

April 26, 1969
Electric Theater - Chicago, IL

d1t01 - Introduction
d1t02 - Dupree's Diamond Blues
d1t03 - Mountains Of The Moon
d1to4 - Dark Star Jam
d1t05 - China Cat Sunflower ->
d1t06 - Doin' That Rag
d1t07 - It Hurts Me Too ->
d1t08 - Hard To Handle
d1t09 - Cryptical Envelopment ->
d1t10 - Drums ->
d1t11 - The Other One ->
d1t12 - The Eleven ->
d1t13 - The Other One ->
d1t14 - It's A Sin

d1t15 - Morning Dew
d1t16 - Sittin On Top Of The World
d2t01 - New Minglewood Blues
d2t02 - Silver Threads And Golden Needles
d2t03 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
d2t04 - Saint Stephen ->
d2t05 - Turn On Your Lovelight


d3t01 - Viola Lee Blues ->
d3t02 - Caution Jam ->
d3t03 - Viola Lee Blues ->
d3t04 - Feedback ->
d3t05 - What's Become Of The Baby ->
d3t06 - Feedback ->
d3t07 - And We Bid You Good Night


roger said...

looking forward to this one, thanx Bill.

Anonymous said...

hi bill
hope all is well with you and of the moment your site is full of all that was good about SF and is looking top notch.....i am here in the small pck library...but will try to get a listen tos some more GD tomorrow when i visit Bck....
all the best
cy at pck

Anonymous said...

Listening to this one now and loving it. Thanks for all the Dead shows you've posted this month, I've downloaded a few now and intend on grabbing a few more.

Cy at Pck said...

Hi Bill
Your art work for GD postings are right up with the best of the past and as of late your site looks real cool. GD is sure appreciated...I tried posting a hello and thank you three times yesterday and oops I recalled I had a google a/c so hope this goes through....
all the best in all you do from
Cy at Pck

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