Saturday, April 9, 2011


After the Avalon Ballroom lost its performance license at the end of 1968 the Family Dog relocated its Bay Area performances to a building on Great Highway just north of Balboa Street. The building was possibly 660 The Great Highway. This building probably dated from the 1880's and over the years its activities had included a 1920's/1930's eatery (Topsy's Roost), a dance hall (the Surf Club) and an amusement race track. The Family Dog used this venue regularly for about a year between June 1969 and June 1970. The building has now been demolished. Here are a few shows from the Dead during that time frame. Some shows may be incomplete and the sound is a little rough here and there, but they serve as a vital bit of Grateful dead history.


Anonymous said...

These posts are wonderful. This one is missing the link, will you please updated it
Your artwork is great by the way.

john said...

thanks for the early Dead. Best of luck for the road ahead.

roger said...

thanx for this treasure, best of wishes and happy easter sunday from Roger@solarmusic.

Anonymous said...

this is some of the bitchenest stuff ive ever heard
thanks be to you dejavu! thanks to all who tape revise, recreate, and just put out all the great vibes that i am so gratefully thankful for. erlthprl in mesa.

Mitchell said...

You have really made my month. I am pretty sure the sound of that organ on the Family Dog show of 8/28 sounds like Howard Wales. I have been looking high and low for something live to substitute for the live HOOTEROLL besides the Boston Symphony Hall show. I guess this will be it.

The art work is really fine. Thank you

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