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Pete Sears & Friends

* Guatemala (Jeanette Sears / Pete Sears)
* Stream (Jeanette Sears / Pete Sears)
* Sanctuary (Pete Sears)
* Save Something for the Children (Jeanette Sears / Pete Sears)
* Lands End (Pete Sears)
* Nothing Personal (Jeanette Sears / Pete Sears)
* One More Innocent (Jeanette Sears / Pete Sears)
* Rain Forest (Jeanette Sears / Pete Sears)
* Let the Dove Fly Free (Mimi Farina / Jeanette Sears / Pete Sears)
* Blood from the Rose (Pete Sears)


* Pete Sears - piano, guitar, synthesizer, keyboards, bass, accordion, vocals
* Sikiru Adeposu - talking drum
* David Auerbach - neo-celtic harp, mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer
* Kitty Beethoven - vocals
* John Cipollina - guitar
* Enrique Cruz - kena (Andean flute), siqus (Andean pan pipes)
* Jack Cunningham - highland war pipes
* Willard Dixon - soprano saxophone
* Marty Elliott - shekere
* Greg Errico - drums, percussion
* David Frazier - bongos, percussion
* Jerry Garcia - slide guitar, lead guitar, acoustic guitar
* David Grisman - mandolin
* Geoff Grace - guitar
* Paul Harris - djembe
* Mickey Hart - drums
* David Hayes - bass
* Kevin Hayes - drums
* Tony Menjivar - congas, percussion
* Andy Narell - steel drums
* Holly Near - vocals
* Babtunde Olatunji - ngoma drum
* Leo Rosales - timbales, percussion
* Bob Ryken - drums
* Dimitri Vandellos - guitar
* Archie Williams - guitar
* Rand Witherwam - samples animal sounds

Track nine features a number of support vocalists in a variety of languages;
* Mimi Farina (English)
* Rafael Manriquez (Spanish)
* O.J. Ekemode (African)
* Christy Agbe (African)
* Paul Andrews (Russian)
* Nada Lewis (Hebrew)
* Nazir Latouf (Arabic)
* The Bay Area Men's Slavic Chorus (Slavyanka)

I had a spare moment and thought I would share this one with you as I watch the world and what is going on around me. Still in the middle of issues some better some worse but working at it with the help of God

Peter 'Pete' Sears (born 27 May 1948, Bromley, Kent) is an English rock musician. In a career spanning more than four decades he has been a member of many bands and has moved through a variety of musical genres, from early R&B, psychedelic improvisational rock of the 1960s, folk, country music, arena rock in the 1970s, and blues. He usually plays bass, keyboards, or both in bands.

Sears played on the classic Rod Stewart albums Gasoline Alley, Every Picture Tells A Story which was listed high in Rolling Stone Magazine's top 500 best albums of all time, Never a Dull Moment,and Smiler. He also played on the hit singles Maggie May, and Reason To Believe. During this period, Sears toured the US with Long John Baldry blues band, and played with John Cipollina in Copperhead.

Sears was with Jefferson Starship from 1974 to 1987, and went on to play in the Jorma Kaukonen Trio with Kaukonen and Michael Falzarano. He also played with Kaukonen and Falzarano along with Jack Casady and Harvey Sorgen in Hot Tuna.

He was one of several musicians considered to join the Grateful Dead after the death of Brent Mydland in July, 1990. Jerry Garcia gave Sears a box full of music to listen to. Both Jerry and Joel Selvin told Sears he was the number two choice, but because he didn't have any vocal experience at the time, the keyboard slot was given to Vince Welnick of the Tubes. Sears and Welnick became good friends.

Sears performed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tribute to John Lee Hooker at Stanford University as one of Hooker's guests. He also wrote a song with Hooker, "Elizabeth", which they performed live together in the studio on Sears' solo album The Long Haul. In 2001, he played keyboards as a guest of Hooker's in Oroville, California, shortly before Hooker died in July 2001.

Sears has played with many other musicians through the years, including Leigh Stephens and Micky Waller in Silver Metre; Long John Baldry, Copperhead with John Cipollina, Jerry Garcia, Steve Kimock, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Leftover Salmon, and Los Lobos. Currently, he divides his time between the David Nelson Band and his main band Moonalice.

Sears has also written and recorded the original score for many documentary films, including the award winning "The Fight in the Fields" - Cesar Chávez and the Farmworkers Struggle directed by Emmy Award winning Ray Telles and Rick Tehada Flores. His most recent film, also directed by Ray Telles and co-produced by Ken Rabin is called "The Storm That Swept Mexico" about the Mexican Revolution which will air on National PBS in May 2011.


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Hey thanks for this and the tribute to Pete. A friend of mine introduced me to him and all the fine music he has made. True Unsung Hero.

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I didn't know Pete had released some solo album. Great musician and happy to find this one. Congratulation for your blog and many thanks for sahring all theses gems.
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