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This is a repost from awhile back but it seemed to fit here in this LA special. This a reunion show from 1989 that featured all three of these acts. In thinking about this one I wanted to bring forth some words about these bands and there influential front men. We looked at Sky saxon and the Seeds on the last post. Sky went on from the Seeds to become somewhat of a cult hero for years up until his passing. The Seeds should be remembered as on one of LA's most significant bands with their unique sound and the birth of the flower power explosion. Many bands would follow in that vein but the Seeds were the best.

Sean Bonniwell is the leader of the Music Machine. I do believe that he still plays today with that band moniker. The Music Machine had a sound of their own with it's heavy bass lines and deep thundering sound. The visual impression of the band was also totally different. The dressed in black, wore a single black glove on one of their hands and had very Beatle like haircuts. The glove thing came long before the so called king of pop used it. They made only two LP's Both were very similar in sound and Bonniwell went on to release a solo project

Arthur Lee and Love rank as one of the most prominent bands to play the LA strip scene in 65-66. They played the Whisky and caught the attention of Elecktra records before the Doors. The band actually had two front-men in Arthur and Bryan MacClean but Arthur's demanding attitude made his the real driving force behind LOVE. After two hard rocking LP's The band would put together the unforgettable " Forever Changes" LP There is speculation has to who actually played on this masterpiece but I know that each original band member made significant contributions with Athur being once again the domineering . Interesting to note is that Bryan's composition " Alone Again Or" is the most celebrated song on the LP.

THE MUSIC MACHINE.............. THE SEEDS................ LOVE

27 January, 1989
Universal Ampitheatre
Los Angeles, California, USA

01 Talk Talk (Music Machine)
02 The People In Me (Music Machine)
03 Masculine Intuition (Music Machine)
04 C.C. Rider (Music Machine)
05 Trouble (Music Machine)
06 Mother Nature Father Earth (Music Machine)
07 Double Yellow Line (Music Machine)
08 Evil Hoodoo (Seeds)
09 Mr. Farmer (Seeds)
10 Try to Understand (Seeds)
11 Can't Seem to Make You Mine (Seeds)
12 Pushin' Too Hard (Seeds)
13 Give Peace a Chance (Seeds)
14 Alone Again Or (Love)
15 Signed D.C. (Love)
16 My Little Red Book (Love)
17 Orange Skies (Love)
18 Seven and Seven Is (Love)
19 And More Again (Love)
20 Everybody's Got to Live (Love)


Anonymous said...

This may not mean anything to you, but I just wanted to bring it to your attention anyway. The backing band on this tour was Yard Trauma who were one of the best of the 80's underground Psychedelic revival movement commonly referred to as the Paisley Underground. They were a little more Garage than Psychedelic which made them a fitting band for this package tour. They put out I believe two full length albums and an EP on the Dionysus label. Their leader Lee Joseph later went on to front a band called Outside Inside who were named after Blue Cheer's second album.

24HRDEJAVU said...

Nice to learn that I saw some of this show in Phoenix the night before this show and to be honest I only recognized the front men Moby Grape was to be on the bill but they did not show Do it was Seeds and Love. Went to see Love and they were ok

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