Sunday, May 22, 2011


A couple of years back Rhino released another of it's Nuggets series. This one focused on the Los Angeles music scene of the early to late 60's. It was a four disc set with alot of well known artists as well as to bring back some really unknown tracks. All very much relevant to the LA scene at that time. In starting a look back at the music from that area and time I have put together a small comp with assorted tracks to go along with the original. I highly recommend that set. It is a vital piece of the Nuggets and a bookend piece to the San Francisco Nuggets from a bit earlier. I hope to touch on some of artists from the Sunset Strip days and get into the Topanga - Laurel Canyon artists who indeed rivaled the San Francisco acts in ceativity to the point that eventually both musical scenes merged together to provide some of musics most memorable works. A lot of music enthusiasts claim that the music coming out of LA during those times was far better than their upstate friends. I am very partial to the SF artists who to me were there to play the music and took a lot longer to be commercialized compared to the LA artists. Indeed the Laurel Canyon musicians in the later 60's did create some great music but none can rival the creativity of the SF bands in OMO

The Tracks

01 Unka Tinka Ty - Music Machine
02 Don't lose Your Cool - Chambers Brothers
03 Tommorow's Gonna Be Another Day - Sons Of Adam
04 Love Special Delivery - Fire Escape
05 Dark On You Now - Peanut Butter Conspiracy
06 Let The Cold Winds Blow - Turtles
07 Softly To Me - Love
08 Hello I Love You - Doors
09 My Color Song - Don & The Goodtimes
10 There's Always Tomorrow - Paul Revere & The Raiders
11 Oh Death - Kalidoscope
12 Get Away From Her - Standells
13 Come To The Sunshine - Harper's Bizarre
14 Mo-Jo woman - Enemys
15 Every Little Prayer - Ashes
16 This Diamond Ring - Gary Lewis & The Playboys
17 That's When Happiness Began - Grains Of Sand
18 I Do Believe - Dewey Martin & Medicine Ball
19 Excuse, Excuse - Seeds
20 The Girl With No Name - Byrds
21 Apricot Brandy - Rhinocerous
22 The Time Is Now - Twin Engine
23 Surfer Joe - Surfaris
24 Love Minus Zero - Leaves


john said...

I was raised in L. A.and loved the bands here. The Doors etc. But wished I was was in San francisco. I wouldn't trade one for the other. I need to eat breakfast and dinner. Thank You.

Mike Schmidt said...

Is there a link to download this?

24HRDEJAVU said...

Put the key in the Thunderbird

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