Thursday, October 27, 2011



Anonymous said...

Thanks again for a great series. And we get some more rare Moby Grape! This Volume features the only place I know of where you'll find "It Depends On You". "Leavin'" is actually "Rounder", & "Grape Jam w/Big Brother" is actually 1/2 of "Dark Magic" which unfortunately fades out way too early! Who knows if Big Brother is even on this. These sound like they are from various dates. As usual, does anyone know of any more complete versions of any of these tracks, or shows? Tasty little morsels anyway!!

24HRDEJAVU said...

Seeing that these recordings are well over 40 years old I find that it probably would be hard to find anyone who does know of the actual musicians on hand But it is still a treasure to just remember the great bands of the SF freak scene

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