Tuesday, December 20, 2011


01 Pittsburgh Jam
02 Chicago Jam - Illinois Jam
03 San Francisco Jam
04 Miami Blues
05 Miami Jam
06 Dallas Jam - Mr. Skin
07 Downer
08 Stone Free
09 New York Jam
10 Fresh Garbage Jam
11 Rockpalast Jam


Anonymous said...

mp3 192s. Why such a crummy format?

Atmospheric said...

^^^ I mostly agree with your statement, and complaining about free downloads is most definitely looking a gift horse in the mouth. But... MP3s are pretty crappy once your ears have been attuned to what is missing... detail. For example, the epiphany for me was Talking Heads "Nothing But Flowers." The introduction is this beautiful multilayered thing that builds gradually. Listen to it in lossless format and you hear all the instruments all the time. Listen to it in even high rate MP3 and certain instruments (most noticeably the snare drum) just drop out at times because the compression algorithm decides that you don't need to hear that. Again, not complaining, just saying. Be well and have a Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Hey...c'mon...its for free....its so ridiculous complaining about bitrate and mp3 - just buy the damn record

Anonymous said...

Yeah. So it's free. And that's the problem... free to do what with? If you listen this stuff on ear buds and the like, then you probably won't miss anything. But others of us who AREN'T kids and CARE about the music that we PROFESS to love listen to them on... get ready for a new term now kiddies.... Hi-Fidelity stereos! And it usually shows up there pretty good. Now, I'm not one of those crusaders for lossless per-se. But I do know when my ears are offended. Especially when the recording is a really great one! And just because ear buds are the 'accepted technology', that doesn't mean that it's any good OR that it’s right to slide it to people, as ignorant as they may be!
Tell you what... why not just let them go at 96kps? That should more than double your storage at your 500 gigabyte hosting service! Who knows... you might start a whole new 'accepted' way to listen to music! Like when you rub two pieces of sandpaper together.
I hope for one that it always free. Because I wouldn't pay a slug nickel for it if it weren’t.

Anonymous said...

Record? What's are they? You can buy this stuff? Where? Anon, do you even think before you post?

Anonymous said...

Buy it...? I NEVER pilfer records here on the web that I can buy. Where do I find this particular record? Do tell....

Buy it... Who do you think you're talking to..? An idiot?

Anonymous said...

Hi all
Bill there was a time when common sense reigned and no one had any problem hearing what they heard....and you can't replicate that...no matter what an electric meter says....as regards $/£ or Euros...they have all gone down the toilet....as have major record retailers....so grab yourself an earful of the local busker....who knows more about 'music in the moment' than any mp3/cd/bitrate/lossless/flac or f.... knows what....
Hey....boys...relax and chill to the knowledge that a baby was born 2000+ years ago....Merry Christmas one and all...
Cy at Pck
ps Bill there was a time when 'Peace, Love and Understanding' was the name of the game here at 24HrDeJaVu.
God Bless to you,

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