Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Truly Fine Citizen is Moby Grape's fourth album. After the departure of Bob Mosley, the remaining trio headed to Nashville where they cut this album in just three days with legendary Columbia Records producer Bob Johnston. This album fulfilled the band's contract with Columbia Records. At the time, the band was in the midst of legal disputes with their manager, Matthew Katz, with the result that certain songs written by band members were instead credited to their road manager, Tom Dell'Ara In particular, songs written by Jerry Miller and Don Stevenson became Tom Dell'Ara songs, to counter Matthew Katz withholding royalties on previous recordings

Replacing Bob Mosley on bass was famed Nashville session musician Bob Moore, who had played bass on many Elvis Presley sessions and was one of the founders of Monument Records, for many years the recording home of Roy Orbison.

After completing this album, the band went on hiatus until 1971 when they reunited with Skip Spence and Bob Mosley to record the reunion album, 20 Granite Creek.


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