Friday, February 24, 2012


Spoken intro:
And now, emanating from the Secaucus Lounge of the fabulous
Fandango Hotel in Wehawken, New Jersey - we proudly present
the celestial melodies of Lou Waxman and his Orchestra,
who ask the age old musical question...

I would love to love you
Like I love to do
I'm told I can do nothing
It's true

You can only be me to me
What I used to be
Since I've been me lately
I find you hard to see

You're like heaven to me
Drivin' me mad
Only I know how I care
With no one to look up to
When with you I hook up to
By being without you I am

(Play it, Lou!)

Living with you really
Is living life so freely
And by being without you, I am
Yes, I am
By being without you, I am

Words and Music by Alexander Spence

In the spirit of a true Skip Spence song this Track comes from the LP "WOW" and had the unique status of having to be played a the RPM of 78


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