Sunday, February 26, 2012

THAT .......

Every day
Before the morning sun has started to climb
I awake
From a dream of the past I left so far behind
Like clinging vines around my heart
That won't unwind
Can't break the ties that bind
I keep on searching for but cannot find
That lost horizon

Far away
I could see the darkness was turning to dawn
I wanted to stay
But I had to leave
And when I came back, it was gone
I have been waiting so long, trying to be strong
But I guess you can't build a dream upon
That lost horizon

Thinking if there's a way I could get back someday
Any place left in my heart that was true
Then let the wind blow, the rain coming down
I can wait 'til they pass, 'cause I know I'll get through

Anyway, had to get back down before my feelings show
What could I say?
The flame was burning low
And still nobody knows where it goes
When the sun has set below
That lost horizon

Words and Music by Peter Lewis


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