Wednesday, March 28, 2012


In mid-1966 Dryden was recruited to replace Skip Spence as the drummer in leading San Francisco psychedelic band Jefferson Airplane. The former jazzer, together with bassist Jack Casady, created an exceptional rhythm section.[A feature of live Airplane sets at the time were free-form improvisational jams, with Dryden's licks complementing Casady's fluid style, examples of which can be heard on "Thing" and "Bear Melt" from Bless Its Pointed Little Head. During this time also, he had an affair with Grace Slick.

The song "Lather", appearing on the Airplane's Crown of Creation, is said to have been written by Grace Slick on the occasion of Dryden's 30th birthday. Its lyrics tell of a boy who stays as young as possible until one day when he is shattered by having to finally grow up.

Spencer died from colon cancer (intestinal cancer which spread to his liver) on January 11, 2005.He lived in relative obscurity, reportedly living in a small house with a few acres on rented property in Penngrove, California R.I.P. Spencer


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