Tuesday, March 13, 2012


One last post for Moby Grape. I Thank You Mosley, Miller. Stevenson, Lewis and Spence for some of the greatest music of my generation.

Omaha Words and Music Alexander Spence

Listen, my friends (6x)

Listen, my friends, you thought never but
Listen, my friends, I'm your's forever
Listen, my friends, won't leave you ever

Now my friends
What's gone down behind
No more rain
From where we came

Listen my love, get under the covers, yeah
Squeeze me real tight, all of your lovin'
Into the light, beneath and above ya
So out of sight, bein' in love!


Anonymous said...

Hi...!! So where's the links?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I get it. Disregard my previous inquiry.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this entire run of 'Grape "Stuff". I was lucky to see the original five piece band back when I was in High School, & I'm still a fan today! Always hoping some new undiscovered tape shows up. The Orphanage show was a nice surprise when it turned up.

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