Sunday, April 29, 2012


From the first Lp the song Bombay Calling was a carry over tune by David LaFlamme ** from the Orkustra days. The band brings full grandeur to the tune. The main melody of this track was "borrowed" by Deep Purple for their famous epic "Child in Time". It's A Beautiful Day returned the "favor" by reworking Deep Purple's "Wring That Neck" into "Don and Dewey" for their second album.

** Vince Wallace wrote the song Bombay Calling in 1962, and believes he did copy-write it.....In 1966, Vince taught the song to David LaFlamme at David LaFlamme's house in San Francisco, California during the Electric Chamber Orchestra days....At first David LaFlamme attributed the song to Vince in concert, thinking it would be cool to do a jazz number from a jazz musician...Within a couple of years, David LaFlamme eventually dropped all reference to Vince and registered the same song with the same name under his own name at the US Copyright Office...Vince never received a dime from any of the record companies or David LaFlamme...This song is on the first album that went gold. A Very Interesting side story here taken from the Vince Wallace website.


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