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With the passing of 1969 the Airplane begins to face new changes. The events of "Altamont" deemed the end of the "hippie" era by many. The events of the concert influenced drummer Spencer Dryden to leave the band . Seeing the writing on the wall Marty Balin was soon to follow,leaving the band that he founded back in 1965. During this turbulent time period the band adjusted and replaced Spencer with Joey Covington( who had appeared on the Volunteers LP) During this time Jorma and Jack had been focusing on their side project Hot Tuna. Papa John Creach had been playing with the Tuna and was added to the new lineup of the Airplane. This lineup would go on to make two more LP's before the Airplane called it quits. The songwriting of Grace and Paul had also become more prominent with the duo (and friends) making a string of LP's under the Kantner-Slick banner. This lineup would give us "Bark" in 1971 and while still in transition "Long John Silver" in 1972. During the Silver timeframe Covington would leave replaced by Johnny Barbata and in the final concerts as JA David Frieberg would join setting the stage for the arrival of Jefferson Starship and the separation of Hot Tuna from the Airplane.

When The Earth Moves Again

Words and Music Paul Kantner

In golden Hannibal Carthage days marchin' onto Rome
knockin' on the door and findin' nobody home there
Rome she cut our army down and left them in the snow so now
I go to where I come from now I go home to the Sun
When the earth moves again
when the earth moves again my friend
let the lady ride on thru
when the earth moves again

Egyptian kings they sing of Gods and pyramids of stone
and they left the deserts clean and they left the deserts
golden and shinin' as a beacon for those that need a road
into the day and thru the night we go and find our way home
when the earth moves again
my love to all the people I leave behind
search out the new ground around you
when the earth moves again
your head can pull your lady around
and you can leave whenever you can and the ground
take what you and on the land sea foam glass is sand
if you've only lived on earth you've never seen the sun
or the promise of a thousand other suns that glow beyond here
and if you care to see the future look into the eyes
of your young dancing children don't be afraid of our ways
when the earth moves again
when the earth moves again
watch the lady ride and sigh
when the earth moves again
Moses Moses the red sea closes over you when you
least expect it to
when the earth moves again
when the earth moves again


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