Tuesday, May 22, 2012


An historically significant outfit from Sacramento, California. They included Gary Yoder (later of Kak and for a while Blue Cheer) and gigged regularly as support to bands like The Grateful Dead. Jim Keylor was in some groups with Bob Segarini after Family Tree and in the embryonic Roxy. He was also involved in assembling Blue Cheer for their Oh! Pleasant Hope album and in 1978 started BSU studios whose products included Dead Kennedys, Suspects and True West. Patten also went on to play for Kak.
What of their music? Like many of the Bay Area's mid-60s psych rock bands, Oxford Circle was very popular on the local club circuit, but couldn't land a record deal. Their sound tended toward punk, and was quite blues-oriented. The recent Big Beat retrospective shows a band that was pushing back the barriers of psychedelia in much the same way as The Yardbirds were, and who should have gone on to better and bigger things in their own right. It includes fourteen live tracks, plus four studio cuts including both sides of their exceptional 45. Info from Acid ,Fuzz, and Flowers


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Thank you for the treasures from the era of my youth.

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