Friday, May 11, 2012


In 1972 they followed Choice Quality Stuff with Live at Carnegie Hall, but then the group pretty much fell apart, David LaFlamme, pretty much the guy giving IABD it's distinct characteristic, like his voice and violin, had left.(fired?) Budd Cockrell joined with violinst Gregory Bloch. Bloch was a more than adequate violinist and the band continued forward.
They then recorded a final studio LP of new material called It's A Beautiful Day...Today. This LP was once again not a bad one just it was not the original sound of the band. Musically they were able to play the IABD's material but the new songs were weak. The vocals by LaFlamme were missed.
Columbia released one last LP of IABD material with the compilation called 1001 Arabian nights. A nice try but seemed to be one last attempt for the band to hold on.


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