Thursday, September 6, 2012


Original artwork by Martin Sharpe from the 1968 Cream LP "Wheels Of Fire"

Circus Days Are Here Again charts the shift from psychedelic pop into the heavier territory of psychedelic and progressive rock, with Velvett Fogg (‘Lady Caroline’), Humble Pie (‘The Light of Love‘), Man (‘Empty Room’) and Bobak Jons Malone (‘On a Meadow Lea) all on fine form, among others. There’s a live snatch from one of the Soft Machine’s meandering excursions as well as, somewhat peculiarly, Andrew Bown’s ‘Tarot’, the theme tune to ITV’s 1970 kids’ series Ace of Wands.

1. Circus Days: Junior's Eyes
2. No Home Today: Kult
3. Lady Caroline: Velvett Fogg
4. Go Your Way: Andromeda
5. Diamond Hard Blue Apples Of The Moon: The Nice
6. Horse: Sam Gopal
7. Candlelight: Eddie Hardin & Pete York
8. How Can I Live: Fat Mattress
9. Tarot: Andy Bown
10. Light Of Love: Humble Pie
11. On A Meadow Lea: Bobak Jons Malone
12. Open Ground: Pussy
13. Fair Maiden: Woody Kern
14. Empty Room: Man
15. Venus: Samson
16. My Gration Or: Opal Butterfly
17. Thank You Pierrot Lunaire/Have You Ever Been Green/Pataphysical Introduction 2: The Soft Machine
18. Felix: Andwella's Dream
19. Born In A Trunk: Spice
20. All In Your Mind: Stray


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