Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Plant a Flower Child Today blossoms the more flowery sound associated with the summer of love, as The End start things out with an alternative version of their ‘Loving Sacred Loving’, featuring a closing harpsichord flourish of ‘Land of Hope and Glory’, absent from the album version. The disc finishes 26 tracks later, on another alternative take, this time an unreleased, brass-free version of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown’s ever-incandescent ‘Fire’. And as always ....your feedback is most appreciated.

1. Loving Sacred Loving: The End
2. All Day All Night: Blonde On Blonde
3. Crazy One: Ramases & Selket
4. Man In Black: Skip Bifferty
5. Yellow Balloon: Icarus
6. Real Life Permanent Dream: The Orange Machine
7. Clown: Eire Apparent
8. When The Wind Arises: Rokes
9. I'm Flying: Serendipity
10. Trip On An Orange Bicycle: The Orange Bicycle
11. Utterly Simple: Smoke
12. London Social Degree: Billy Nicholls
13. Golden Lion: Lomax Alliance
14. Sunshine Day: Jethro Tull
15. Boy Meets Girl: Paper Blitz Tissue
16. Cave Of Clear Light: Bystanders
17. I Wonder Where My Sister's Gone: Anan
18. Man In A Shop: Marmalade
19. Lord John: Bobcats
20. Mazy: Peep Show
21. Bakerman: Moon's Train
22. Love Hate Revenge: Episode Six
23. Good Evening: Tickle
24. It: Excelsior Spring
25. Night Is A Comin' (aka Lindyloo): Warm Sounds
26. Fire: Crazy World Of Arthur Brown


Anonymous said...

Thanks for offering up this collection. Looking forward to the rest.

And thanks again for the Brain in the Box set on your other site. Readers from here need to visit over there.


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