Sunday, September 16, 2012


The shadows of Knight were one of the mid sixties most prolific bands. They played a raw form of blues and made it's mark in both the garage and psychedelic music genres. As the original band they released two great LP's on the Dunwich label before they began to unravel. Jim Sohns was the only original member left when they went through years of various musicians and record labels. Sohns continues to this day with the current line up of the band.

In 1992, Performance Records (aka "Donewitch" Records) released The Shadows Of Knight-Live, Featuring "Gloria". This was an unreleased performance recorded live in Rockford, Il in 1972. The performance featured Lee Brovitz on bass (later of Blue Angel)] and the late Paul Roy on guitar. As one reviewer noted in relation to the album, "If you subscribe to the theory that the '60s actually survived a couple of years into the 1970s, then this is a prime slice of 1960s garage punk." The album is also noted as containing "a wonderfully blistering guitar-laced extended version of Willie Dixon's 'I Just Want to Make Love to You'", which is nearly twelve minutes long.


john said...

Thanks for the music. Remember when I first played their vinyl still love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for the Shadows of Knight live show - as always a pleasure to visit your blog - keep on rockin' - greetings from Austria, aoxomoxoa7

Anonymous said...

what code do i put in to get the shadows of the knight live from FilrFlyer, there the only one w/ the download..please help..great stuff on here

Василий Рогов said...

reload, please

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