Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Blue Cheer - Dining With The Sharks (5/92)
Dickie Peterson     bass, guitar, vocals
Dieter Saller     guitar, percussion
Paul Whaley     drums, percussion

Big Noise     4:51     (Bruce Stephens, John Rewind, Dickie Peterson)
Outrider     6:19     (Peterson)
Sweet Child Of The Reeperbahn     4:12     (Saller, Peterson)
Gunfight     6:54     (Saller, Peterson)
Audio Whore     3:54     (Peterson)
Cut The Costs     3:41     (Saller, Peterson)
Sex Soldier     5:06     (Saller, Peterson)
When Two Spirits Touch     3:52     (Peterson)
Pull The Trigger     5:20     (Saller)
Foxy Lady     3:51     (Jimi Hendrix)

Recorded At Foel Studios, Wales
Produced By Roland Hofmann & Blue Cheer
Special Thanks To: Bruce Stephens, Tony McPhee (slide guitar)



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