Tuesday, October 2, 2012


This  psychedelic garage collection was put together by the legendary Kim Fowley and Michael Lloyd (October Country, WCPAEB, Smoke) in San Francisco in 1967. Comprising ‘far out’ covers of garage legends including ? & the Mysterians, the Music Machine, the Count Five and the Seeds, the album’s personnel remains a mystery, though it’s rumoured to feature involvement from the Seeds’ Sky Saxon and Steppenwolf’s Mars Bonfire. 

    1.    Psychotic Reaction
    2.    Talk Talk
    3.    Love Special Delivery
    4.    Trip, The
    5.    96 Tears
    6.    Bloodbeat
    7.    Trip Maker
    8.    Journey's End
    9.    Pictures and Designs
    10.    Fortune Teller


Anonymous said...

I had heard this was a Goldberg-Levine production that included the following session players: Mars Bonfire, Kim Fowley, Larry Goldberg, Hank Levine, Michael Lloyd, Sky Saxon

Nothing has been confirmed, but this is the only info I have.

Bob W.

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