Thursday, October 11, 2012



Anonymous said...

Okay, so what is this? It's a nice collection, but I've never seen this before. Did you put it together of your favorite tracks? Interesting in that it covers so many different periods.

Bob W.

Here's the song list:

01. No Escape (Saxon, Savage, Lawrence)
02. Girl I Want You (Saxon)
03. Nobody Spoil My Fun (Saxon)
04. You Can't Be Trusted (Saxon)
05. Excuse, Excuse (Saxon)
06. Fallin' In Love (Saxon)
07. Satisfy You (Saxon, Savage)
08. A Faded Picture (Saxon, Hooper)
09. Rollin' Machine (Saxon)
10. Just Let Go (Saxon, Hooper, Savage)
11. Up In Her Room (Saxon)
12. Painted Doll (Saxon)
13. Now A Man (Saxon, Hooper, Savage)
14. She's Wrong (Saxon)
15. Out Of The Question (Saxon, Serpent)
16. Travel With Your Mind (Saxon, Hooper, Savage)
17. Plain Spoken (Muddy Waters)
18. The Wind Blows Your Hair (Reprise) (Saxon, Bigelow)
19. The Other Place (Saxon)
20. Sad And Alone (Saxon, Hooper)
21. Lose Your Mind (Saxon)
22. Wish Me Up (Saxon)
23. Love In A Summer Basket (Saxon, Seeds)
24. Wildblood (Fowley, Cerf)

24HOURDEJAVU said...

BOB yes this strictly a self made set of my own favorites covering ground from songs maybe not all have heard and are are sometimes overlooked in
"greatest hits" type sets And I thank you for the set list I sometimes really appreciate others feedback and input Bill

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great set. I had not heard the two 1970 singles before. I've not been a huge fan of the Seeds although I do like the first two LPs, they kind of lost it for me after that - too much flower power-psychedlia, and not enough punk-garage.

Bob W.

john said...

I always like reading the comments section of your blog. Don't agree with all the opinions but like to hear what people have to say (feel). Their punk-garage was great, however I will always listen to the Future album. I love Daryl Hooper's keyboards and Jan Savages' guitar was just perfect. I hope these guys have a good live in trade for all the great music I got to listen to.

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