Friday, November 2, 2012


 Here is a rare one by a gentleman named Nathan Sark. It was recorded around 1984 and was released as a private pressing. There are quite a few well known musicians that were involved in the recording session. The vocals by Sark bear a remarkable  resemblance to those of Jim Morrison and Sark must have  known it, including a Doors medley and guesting Doors guitarist Robbie Kreiger on a track.

 1.    Islands in the Sky      
2.    Boom Boom (SF Session)      
3.    Maggie Revisited  
4.    Blood on the Rose  
5.    Blues Medley: Key of A (Five To One, Back Door Man, Roundhouse Blues)
6.    Radio Sermon  
7.    Nomad Blues  
8.    Boom Boom (LA session)  

All songs written by Nathan Sark, except
Boom Boom (J L Hooker), Medley (The Doors, W Dixon, J Morrison)

Nathan Sark    Vocals  Guitar    All

Nicky Hopkins    Keyboards    1 - 6, 8
John Cipollina    Guitar , Pedal Steel    2 - 7-  8
Robbie Krieger    Lead Slide Guitar    8
Jose Rosillas    Lead Guitar Guitar    1 3
Rick Anderson    Bass Guitar    All
Spencer Dryden    Drums    2, 3, 5, 7
Bruce Gary    Drums    8
Brett Valory    Drums    5
Mingo Lewis    Congas Percussion Drums    1, 4, 6, 7
Mark Ford    Harmonica    2, 5, 8


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